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02-01-2013, 06:46 PM
I am using widows vista and have loaded HLS 12.b but I noticed the problem or should I say possible problem in 11.V. Whenever I go into the Windows directory which contains all my HLS files and folders and delete a folder that I created to hold a sequence but for whatever reason I donít need any longer and go back and start HLS. Go to file , open HLS sequence, the recent HLS files opens, I select the file I want, select ok and I get the error that say Unable to open HLS file. No file that is listed in the Recent HLS files menu will open. All though all the files are listed .To get the file to open I need to open HLS go to file ,Open HLS Sequence, select Cancel and my Windows directory with just my HLS folders open I double click on the one I have been trying to open. It opens everything is fine I select save close HLS. I re-open HLS select it from recent HLS file menu and ever thing works as before. I need to do this for every sequence. This also happens when I remove a sequence from the Open HLS Sequence.

Another Thing is when Iím in the HLS main Screen I can only see the HLS Version 12. , and nothing after the dot. Any help for this.

How do you delete items from HLS LIBRARY?

02-01-2013, 06:54 PM
The recent files is just a list of files you have opened.

If you delete them ... it does not know --- that is why there is a delete button -- so you can remove it.

Do NOT use the Delete button until 12C is released.

I am making my video and walking, in detail, through several steps and found thing that I did not like.

The Delete button does not work properly in 12B.