View Full Version : Vixen 3: Future development and direction (ie. a rough roadmap)

01-08-2013, 11:21 AM
In the spirit of openness and communication, we figured it might be helpful to have a static post which we keep updated with information on where we see Vixen 3 going: some details on possible future development, where we'd like to see it going, and what sort of things (may) be coming up. Obviously nothing here is set it stone: it's just general information so people can get a feeling for what's currently being developed and what may be coming up.

In future versions we hope to have the following things:

More documentation, introductions/tutorials, and videos!
Data storage improvements (so you don't have HUUUUUUGE sequences)
"Controller Linking", or a better way to set up controllers on a 'bus' so it more accurately reflects the real world setup
More filters and more effects

I'll close this thread to discussion so we can leave it as more of a noticeboard that gets updated. If you would like to discuss features or upcoming work, please do so in a new thread.