View Full Version : My idea for my first mega tree

01-06-2013, 02:09 AM
I will be building my first Mega Tree for next year and obviously I'm in research mode. I've looked at the JUMP trees and the pneumatic trees and many others. I've digested all I've seen both pros and cons and come up with the following plan:

1) Completely Removable
2) Able to setup without equipment rentals
3) Able to withstand high winds. (2 back to back years of mega storms is not a coincidence, it's a trend!)
4) Small Storage Footprint
5) Ability to service if needed
6) Easy install
7) Right around 20' tall to top of mast (not including star)
8) RGB using GECE G35 strings

Thinking So Far:
1) Use the portable hole method, just need to be careful not to skewer the sprinkler lines (again!)
2) Planning on using a 10' 2" pipe on the lower level with a second 1.5" pipe on top of that. Either use basic pipe connections (threaded) or possibly a flanged joint. Not sure of the benefits one way or the other
3) I will assemble the pole on the ground and stand it up in the portable hole

Now here's my different idea.

I will use the steel floor flange on top method but instead of drilling holes and inserting/welding hooks, I want to install between 24 and 32 pulleys (block/tackle type). I might even be able to get away with just using large eye bolts. Star will be connected on top of the custom flange as normal.

Before I connect the two poles together I would install a 2nd flange (with corresponding holes to the upper flange) on the lower pole below the joint. This flange will NOT be threaded and will be bored just slightly larger than the outer diameter of the lower pole.

I will connect a cable to a snap hook, run it from the lower flange up through the pulleys and back down to the lower flange where it will be permanently connected. To install the lights (after raising the pole) I would use a standard 8' ladder which allows me to reach 10 feet. I would hook each string of pixels to one of the snap hooks. Once they are all attached, I will LOWER the bottom flange thus raising the lights up to the pulleys. I will drill at least 1 hole in the bottom of the pole to allow a pin to be set on top of the flange so it stays down. My pixels will be mounted to either a plastic coated steel cable (like budude) or possibly the screen track to keep them straight. I'll stake them out around the perimeter as normal.

The beauty of this design (I think) is that if I have a string of lights go out, I can easily disconnect the cable for that 1 string from the bottom flange, tie a piece of extension cable to it and lower that one strand for repair/replacement. Also, unlike other designs that require you to lift a floating flange up to the top (ala flag pole style), the weight of all the strings in this design is distributed among several heavy duty pulleys and cables. In addition, if I use the plastic coated cable method, each strand of lights in essence becomes another guy wire for the whole thing.

Storage is basically the portable hole, 2 10' segments of pipe and the topper. If I find a good 'permanent' location in the yard, I might actually create a 'permanent ' hole that can be capped in the summer or maybe hidden in one of those underground sprinkler housings.

Has anyone tried something like this? Thoughts? Suggestions? Obviously a summer project since pouring concrete in the winter is never a great idea.