View Full Version : Lights freeze in the middle of a show but audio continues to play

12-23-2012, 12:15 AM
I noticed a problem during my show yesterday where the lights would freeze during the middle of one song (in a playlist of 3 songs). The lights would stop (all lights - both Renard & E131) at the same place in the song every time that song played. Once the song finished and the next song started, everything would work fine. Today I got a chance to play with it and created debug files. If the song in question is the only song in the playlist, the lights worked without any problems. When I add a 2nd song to the playlist, the lights would freeze on the problem song every time in the same place (have debug information for the song in the playlist by itself (working) and with another song (freezing). If I change the 2nd song in the playlist to another song, I get the same results except the lights freeze in a different place on the problem song. To double-check my results, I removed all songs except the problem song from the playlist and it would run without problems. Prior to these tests, I recompiled all the songs and created a new playlist (not the same as the show playlist) to be sure I didn't have a corrupt file.

This problem was duplicated on 2 different machines. One is running Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 3 and the other running Windows 7.

Current config:
HLS - Ver 10Y
Renard on Com3(Prolific USB to serial, 64 channels - uses FTDI driver), Renard on Com4 (XBee, 48 channels - uses FTDI driver), Renard on Com5, 154 channels (Xbee - uses FTDI driver)
E681-6 (Qty 2) - 1602 channels in 6 universes
1 Trigger channel

12-23-2012, 12:46 AM
Must be some corruption in the sequence since you can replicate it on another computer.

12-23-2012, 01:29 AM
I have two songs playing here (including one "monster" sequence) and everything works fine (Show PC is XP SP 3) .

12-23-2012, 01:53 AM
If the sequence file was corrupt, I would expect it to do the same thing when it is in a playlist by itself but it runs without problems when it's the only song in the playlist.

12-23-2012, 08:00 AM

Thank you for the debug file.

Found my issue ... I created it and the compiler did not recognize it as an error or warning.

I share this to educate others.

What I had was ....

A = B;

I needed to use "A = " elsewhere so I copied it to paste it elsewhere (actual variables name were a lot longer)

What I did was not copy but cut via a keyboard command.

What was left in the code was simply


This is really a do nothing statement - I would have thought the compiler would have least given a warning.

In reality --- B was the size of the song being played.

I intended it to set an array limit check for overrun - NOT to output if overrun detected.

What ACTUALLY ended up happening was the limit was set to the last song of the play list.

Your second song was longer ... so it always stopped outputting when the limit was hit for the third song - not its own.

My second mistake this year.

I only allow myself to have a maximum of three per year so I have to watch myself carefully for the next several days.

Version 11B is released which addresses this issue.