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11-29-2012, 09:50 AM
I am running an e682 pixel controller and my strands are all different lengths. The strand length has to be set per cluster (for longest strand) meaning there are unused channels that I want "skipped" for the shorter strands. What my question in regards to HLS is if it is possible to start a Universe with a channel other than "1" without getting an output "missing channel" error? Basically, I need Universe 1 to start with channel 1 and Universe 2 to start with channel 34. However, when I do this manually I get the "Missing Channel" error when going to Select output method and compile for show.


11-29-2012, 10:45 AM
I just replied to your other thread on the same topic, but I'll shoot again. How long are the physical strings? That info might help to offer solutions to the problem. I believe that HLS will not let you skip channels, so you'd have to configure universe 2 to start at channel 1, then just not write any data to channels 1-33. The reason I ask about length of physical strings, is because this question leads me to believe that your first string would overlap into universe 2, so you might actually need those channels?

11-29-2012, 10:59 AM
I currently have the e682 setup as follows:

Strand 1 - Cluster 3/Socket 1 - 55 pixels - Universe 1
Strand 2 - Cluster 3/Socket 2 - 34 pixels - Universe 1
Strand 3 - Cluster 4/Socket 1 - 39 pixels - Universe 2
Strand 4 - Cluster 4/Socket 2 - 49 pixels - Universe 2
Strand 5 - Cluster 4/Socket 3 - 45 pixels - Universe 2

If I understand correctly, I can simplify my setup slightly in HLS if I use all four clusters, then only one cluster will have two strings and the others will have their own universe so HLS can start with channel one for each. However, I did it this way to optimize my power supply situation by only sending power to the second input on the e682. I guess I can always jumper power from the one power supply to both inputs...

- Matt