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11-25-2012, 06:15 PM
Playing with a show last night I noticed that as a song finishes and a new one begins there is a 20 - 30 sec delay while the channels are loaded/created.
I realise its not really a bug as such and is probably necessary but is there some way to speed this process up?

PS> Delay between songs is set to 0

11-25-2012, 06:44 PM
Any delay of 0 is converted to a delay of 1 sec.

Depending on the size of the Sequence - it may also take 1 to 5 secs to load.


12-01-2012, 03:11 AM
Each sequence takes more like 20 - 30seconds to load
4500 channels seems to take an awful long time .

12-05-2012, 12:32 AM
I am running WinXP pro 3.2ghz with 2gig memory

All output is via E1.31
There are no serial ports.

Song 1 is 5974 channels on 16 universes, the export file is 83 meg and takes 30 seconds to load.
Song 2 is 8603 channels on 25 universes, the export file is 118 meg and takes 40 seconds to load.

Just my experience


12-05-2012, 12:36 AM
Load time depends on CPU speed, number of channels, and length of audio.

It all comes down to data being read and processed.

E131, COM, etc has nothing to do with load time.