View Full Version : HLS - Use a Sub-Master Lighting Channel for Shimmer

10-29-2012, 09:19 AM
I need to Shimmer Expert to verify my thought on this topic.

I am working on an LOR conversion and faced with Controller Shimmer.

HLS can make effects shimmer but they need to be implemented as Custom Effects with shimmer behavior.

Hard to do Shimmer once the effects have already been placed as in an LOR sequence.

It occurs to me that all Shimmer is --- a periodic ramping of intensity (like my Custom Effect Shimmer).

So .... this is where I need a Shimmer expert ...

Create a Sub-Master Lighting Channel.
Assign the channels associated with the effects you want to shimmer.
Place a Custom HLS Shimmer effect on the Sub-Master Lighting channel

NOW --- I hope ---- you have multi-channel/effect shimmer that can be added any time - any where.

Shimmer - Expert ---- Does that produce what people refer to as SHIMMER?