View Full Version : My first 2 rgb channel stars

10-27-2012, 09:54 AM
I plan to make 5 of these with different strip , tls 3001 6803 and 50 50 rgb which this 1 is .

it was another learning curve doing this star as you can see from the video it is 2 stars in 1 .

the inner star is 1 pixel segments and the outside star is 2 pixel segments .

while assembling the inner star i had issues with only 9 of 10 segments working , after a couple of tries removing and replacing the segment that would not light it occured to me to examine the strip carefully.

each led has a title

L-1 through L-15 this carries on through out the 5 meter strip

for single pixel cutting and rejoining ( 3 leds per pixel ) this order cannot be mixed up .

for the 2 pixels segments it did not seem to matter as long as l-1 to l-3 and l-13 to l-15 were not used in creating them.

I am considering adding 1 single string pixel in each corner of this star to do other effects.