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10-10-2012, 12:58 PM
Hi Joe

I created a channel layout and added the layout to a library. The layout includes Segments. When I started a new sequence and loaded the channel layout form the library the segment channel data is missing form the "Manage Segment Channels" menu. I also have a tree that is 28 X42. In the Preview I only drew half of the pixels using the "Vector Multiple Channels" option for performance purposes. Only the first channels are viable in the preview of the new sequence.



10-10-2012, 03:42 PM
You have multiple questions ----

As I stated in my release of Segments - Segments are not saved as part of a Layout because you can create and delete them at will.

As of now -- still sleeping one it --- Segments are not saved as part of the Library.

Not sure I follow on the Preview question.

My first thought is that the channels you are expecting to see in the Preview are not part of your current Display Group.

Please check and let me know --- try better explaining your Preview concern if the info above does not help.


10-10-2012, 05:51 PM
Hi Joe

Sorry... I missed the part on the segments not being saved although it would be convenient for next season.

Let me try again on the second issue:

My tree is 28 strands with 42 pixels each strand and named it MT1. I labeled each strand as MT1-Col1, MT1-Col2, MT1-Col3.... thru MT1-Col28. My tree strands run counter-clock wise with MT1-Col1 being at the 9:00 position.

I chose to draw only 14 of the 28 strands. MT1-Col1 - MT1-Col14 (588 pixels total) keeping in mind preview performance.

I drew 14 equally spaced marks (about 1/8" apart) on a sticky note to use as a guide, stuck the sticky note on the preview screen about where the tree would be in the bitmap of my house. Starting with the far left mark I used Vector Multiple Channels drawing from the mark to what would be the top of the tree. I repeated for each strand. i.e. MT1-Col1 - MT1-Col14.

Followed the process for adding the channel layout to a library.

Started a new sequence, loaded the audio, loaded the channel layout from the library and saved.

I select MT1 in Select Displayable Work Group menu, then select Edit Preview to display MT1.

All that is shown are the first pixels of each strand. i.e. MT1-Col1 pixel 1, MT1-Col2 pixel 1, MT1-Col3 pixel 1 etc. I should see MT1-Col1 pixels 1 - 42, MT1-Col2 pixels 1 - 42, MT1-Col3 pixels 1 - 42... forming the tree.

If I open the channel layout sequence I copied into the library and all is fine.

I hope I've explained this better.