View Full Version : Nutcracker: Bug fixes and enhancments

09-07-2012, 04:49 PM
The vixen export was broken and not making vir or vix files, this is fixed now

There was an error where users could not create a new model, this is fixed.

You can now create single strand targets.

The menus are now cleaner across all the pages

There is a Projects tab (This is what you have been using) and a KurtProjects tab (This is the next version of projects being developed by Kurt Gustafson). Keep using the Projects tab for now. In a few weeks Kurt will transfer all of your project data over into his new and shiny Project engine,

I have some people lining up and helping develop Nutcracker.

MaterDaddy from DIYC has written the routine that will do the database install on a localhost Nutcracker Install
Kurt Gustafson from DLA has taken over the Nutcracker Projects.

This is all good news as more people can help nutcracker improve, we are no longer limited just by my available hours, cross training is ensuring nutcracker can go on as an open source project.
Thanks to MaterDaddy and Kurt!

Local install was released yesterday.

Single Strand effects will come on line by Monday.

Immediately after single strand targets and effects, i will start on horizontal matrices.