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09-02-2012, 09:52 AM
If you have time would it be possible to get a lightning effect ??? :ohmy:

09-02-2012, 01:19 PM
If you have time would it be possible to get a lightning effect ??? :ohmy:

have you seen the effect someplace? maybe post a video link.

i can imagine a couple of ways to do it.

I also snow spotlights moving around, that is a future effect

i dont have the snowflakes effect correct yet.

i am working (now) on

1) Single Strand effects. This is turning into a more robust effect than i originally thought. You tell me how many strings you will use, say 3
if these strings are 1x135, 1x115, 1x100 then that to me is going to be a single strand of 350 pixels.
You next tell me how many folds, from one to many. Say you pick 4 because you are going to wrap a window frame. I will take the original strand and fold it into four sections 87,87,88,88. You later will be able to come and adjust the fold points so they match the actual window.
Each section can now be assigned an effect
1) chase
2) color wash
3) butterfly
4) cylon (like the car Kitt)
5) more coming
you could wrap a tree with this single stand, each wrap could be a segment. 10 wraps of the virtual strand around the tree would give 10 segments each with their own effect. I could do the horizontal bar effect on your tree.
Arches, fire poles, eaves

i have about a dozen , current open tasks. i am quite aware of 80 days till lights on at thanksgiving. i hope single strand tutorial will e this next thursday, sept 6 7pm PST (Denver)

The other big tasks are:
1) the horizontal matrix target,
2) local install of nutcracker (This is done and just needs final testing),
3) text that scrolls left,right, up,down, and has a speed control.

well, it is going to be a busy fall ...

as soon as i get these out of the way, i can crank out more effects into the library

09-02-2012, 02:01 PM
If you mean Lightning (as in thunder and lightning), I have used several flood lights aimed up at the side of a house. I sequence it with a sputtering.. or fast flicker.. then a couple of long flashes.... then stop... followed by thunder sound effect.

If you are inside a house and want to make it look like lightning outside, just aim the floods at the window... or turn them towards any obvious object in the window's FOV ...like a tree or large bush.

Don't let the audience see the floods. Hide them behind objects in the yard.

Hope this helps....

09-02-2012, 04:23 PM
Lightman, very good idea! I've seen your videos of the talking pumpkin with lighting effects, and they've given me many ideas.

Sean, Awesome! What you've described is much more than I originally envisioned with single strand effects! Nutcracker, combined with any of the various sequencing software is becoming a very robust tool. I haven't used it as much as I think I'm going to because I haven't seriously started sequencing for this year, but in playing around with it from time to time, I know it will be great!

Back to the original topic, I can't picture in my head what a lightning effect would look like on a matrix. I think something like Lightman has described would be the most realistic, but I'm still excited to see anything that may come of it. I'm still working on ideas in my head for Halloween, while focusing mainly on Christmas since that will be my main show.