View Full Version : Two bugs in "Auto Convert To RGB"

08-31-2012, 01:43 AM
The first occurs when I first open the window and the column size makes it such that the "RGB" channel name all the way on the right has a very small portion under the scroll bar:

Now this isn't a problem unless I click it to rename the newly created channel. If I click it, the whole channel grid shifts inside the window with no bottom horizontal scroll bar:
Once that happens, I can no longer select new channels because arrow keys don't move selection or anything. I haven't figured out how to get it to move back.

The second bug is when you don't completely fill in the 3 channels and click "OK". I found this the first time I was doing the conversion and didn't have all 3 channels filled in and hit OK. There is a window that just says "Channel Count" for the title and says "Loading Channel 0" in the contents. This button has no X in the corner, no "ok" or "cancel" buttons or anything. It looks like maybe it was for debugging or something. Under it is a warning window that not all 3 of the RGB channels are full which you can dismiss. I haven't figured out a way to get out of this state other than ctrl+alt+delete and killing HLS. Here's a screenshot of this:

Also, I'm using version 6A which is the latest at this time.

08-31-2012, 03:26 PM
Everything was fine when I had the control size as designed.

A user contacted me and stated that a laptop using 1024x768 resolution has the dialog too big.

I made the dialog smaller without adding in the Horz scroll bar.

I will fix in next release later today - I just got back into Key West and need to unpack.


08-31-2012, 05:10 PM
No rush. I can re-size the columns BEFORE I click the RGB column for name and everything works, so there is a valid work-around. I have a wide-screen monitor and my resolution is 1920x1080, so this may be an issue on 16:9 in addition to certain 4:3 modes.

09-01-2012, 06:45 AM
Version 5B adds Horz scroll bar.

Version 5B also removes "Count Dialog" prior to issuing error message about missing color channel. - This was a bug - thanks for finding.


09-01-2012, 10:55 AM
Wow Joe, looks like everything is in 6B! THANKS! I have tested these and both issues were solved.