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07-23-2012, 09:01 AM
I updated the wiki software to the latest version.

I need anyone and everyone with a wiki account to log in and add an email address to your account. The main reason for this is password recovery. The way mediawiki works makes it very difficult to manually change a password if it is forgotten. If an email address is supplied the system can then email you a new password, it is that simple. Otherwise I have to go in, supply a temp email, get the new temp password, log in as you and change the password then notify you, you have to log in, change the password and change the email address to yours. So by not supplying an email addy now you are just delaying the inevitable.

Please help me help you and add an email addy to your wiki account.

If anyone needs a wiki account just let me know. If you already forgot your password then let me know and supply me an email addy to contact you with. When supplying an email addy make sure you add the DIYC domain to your white list. I should not have to reply to your email server to facilitate you to receive emails from DIYC.