View Full Version : blinkyflashy.com Youtube request

01-07-2008, 08:35 PM
www.blinkyflashy.com has been registered and work continues to get it where it should be.

The main goal of blinkyflashy.com is to show others what can be done in the DIY Christmas lights realm.

That being said one purpose is to showcase everyone's display videos. To tackle this i am using a PHP Scraperr to query Youtube and display the results. I have the script setup to query DOIYC tag.. The reason for DOIYC versus DIYC is DIYC iresults have 4 videos and only 2 are displays and one of them was a joke i did directed at Charmz..

My request is for anyone with YT videos to please add the DOIYC tag so the site will find it and display iit

The current link is www.blinkyflashy.com/video - the backend is working but i still have some small issues to work out.

Thanks for your time
Alan Bradford