View Full Version : The real beauty of Hls & Nutcracker

07-09-2012, 03:56 PM
I have discovered a great way to quickly <<<operative word :) get some custom rgb effects thanks to hls and nutcracker's compatibility .

This video will give you a bit of insight as to how you can use rgb channels to create and view nutcracker effects or your own custom effects for use on a pixel plane in Hls.

Using features in hls to save your effects as pixel plane effects .

Some of you may want custom effects on your pixel plane and this will show you how .

If you just want to use Nutcracker effects you will not need this video unless you want to see them played in preview .

For those interested in custom effects please post to this thread I think a central file share for custom effects would be required .

However we made need some show of interest .

I am creating a series of custom effects for pixel icicles , you may have certain elements that require a creative sequence that is not available via auto creation through ( and thank you very much Mr Smeighan ) Sean's Nutcracker effects generator.