View Full Version : Nutcracker: Policy on sharing effect models

03-16-2012, 02:13 AM
Hello everybody;

If you use the Nutcracker to create effect animations, your animation will become part of the public gallery. One of the goals i have is for sharing what we each develop. I will eventually create the ability for you to flag one of your animations as being private, that capability doesn't exist yet.

There will be two exceptions for this automatic sharing of effects into the public gallery. I will NOT put any text animation or picture animation into the public gallery. This is in effect now.

These two types of effects can have a personal nature (I can imagine some pictures you would like to project, or text you would write :) )

When i give the ability to flag an animation as private, i will also give the ability to flag text or pictures as public. Maybe you found a great Christmas picture that others would want.

In Summary

Spirals, meteors, vertical bands, horizontal bands, snowflakes, garlands and all other, non personal effects will automatically go into the common gallery. The common gallery does not show the persons name who created them, only the effect name.

Text and Pictures will NOT go into the gallery, they will only be visible by the owner.

In a month or two , you will be able to flag any animation as private and not share your masterpiece.