View Full Version : Need advice from the experts!

03-09-2012, 08:48 PM
I have quite a few C6 - 100 ct. CDI 'replacement' strings from 2008/9. These are the strings with the rectifiers in the end plugs, and use voltage doubling circuitry (no blobs inline at all). The Blue still work perfectly, but I am starting to have issues with the Red & Green. Specifically, many of the Green have gotten somewhat dim when turned on, and they fade to off slowly when power is removed. Most of the Reds just don't seem a bright as they were when they were new. There are no burned out bulbs on any of the strings. I am looking for advice on where I should look for problems in the rectifiers........ Would the caps be the likely culprit if the voltage is lower than spec? Would a bad resistor be the reason that the Green does not go off immediately? Looking to get pointed in the right direction.