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01-24-2012, 07:59 PM
Once again I have had to deal with an unfortunate circumstance here at DIYC.

Put simply a relatively new member, but a member non the less, has started soliciting money and gifts from other members by telling them how poor he was. It appears as though this may be a recurring scam being perpetrated by this same person across the web. The person has been banned from DIYC forever. The unfortunate victims are taking appropriate action with their respective local authorities. DIYC will fully cooperate with those investigations in any way it can.

It has also come to my attention that this situation was brought up and discussed in the chat on a couple of occasions. The biggest victim tried to tell others about it but was not taken seriously by some and even accused of being a participant in the scam. After reading the logs and going over the documents supplied I believe she was not part of the scam but a victim!

The dubious prying on people's good will is not something I take lightly.

There is no solicitation allowed anywhere on DIYC, including the chat and PMs. I do not care if you lost your job, have no presents for your son for Christmas and are getting evicted by the local Sheriff in 3 days. No Solicitation!

I am asking for everyone's help in this. If you are contacted by anyone soliciting anything, or even just telling you of their misfortune or about a charity they want to organize let me know immediately. In the future, rather then getting into arguments in the chat and creating hard feelings just let me know what is going on. If you feel you may be a victim or if you see something in the chat that you think may not be on the up and up please let me know about it.

I will not tolerate anyone taking advantage of the good people that make up the DIYC community.