View Full Version : BRAVO!

12-22-2007, 01:28 AM
Well, after all the rain sleet snow ect ect ect that we have had in my area I had a HUGE iceicle hanging from my roof that targeted my CAT5 coming out of my house. The missle dropped today some time in the kinda warm weather (35deg) and even though I had a board over the area the missle did some damage. I was surprised to see that it did not damage the cable at all. Instead it yanked the jacks off the 595 boards!

What I am saying bravo about is that I was able to modify my profile to switch those channels to a couple un-used spots, move the cables, waited for the program to end, stopped the schedule, restarted it and all was well again (except to 2 jacks that got a little discombobulated). I did this all on the fly, the show never stopped! I did not see any cracks in the PCB and everything is working fine!


That channel re-mapper is great and easy!