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10-14-2011, 06:34 PM
Also known as "Fire Fright Night"

Hello everyone, just thought I would bring you all an update on our community haunted house project. I have asked various members for assistance figuring out some of these things, so I though you might want to know what the status is.

First, the background.

This year, my wife and I became involved with the local Fire Department, and offered ourselves up to assist with the haunted house. (Big mistake by the way, but that is for another day). So, we began the process of planning this thing 4 or 5 months ago. We asked the council for financial backing, but were denied, so everything we have has been donated by the community, or I have paid for it myself. Somewhere along the way, I have basically taken over. The other gentleman who has run the haunted house in years past is working long hours, and he has deferred to me.

Now, to the things that actually matter here at DIYC... The elements.

We have 8 'scares"s to the haunted house.

1. The Wreck
.......We have a Cabover (http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0PDoX.nsphOpXcA7_2jzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBpcGszamw 0BHNlYwNmcC1pbWcEc2xrA2ltZw--/SIG=13j93qlkt/EXP=1318658855/**http%3a//dieselpower.automotive.com/116811/0910dp-west-coast-customs-big-rig-show/photos11-0.html) truck that was donated. When the victims walk by, the lights will come on and the air horn blows.
2. Creepy Critters
.......Crawling with spiders, cockroaches, bats and snakes, this room will give the stoutest the heebie jeebies.
3. The Butcher
.......Jeffery Dahmer aint got nothing on this guy, hanging body parts everywhere
4. Museum of Monsters
.......Not so scary, but every victim needs a little break.
5. Caged Crazy
.......Someone didnt feed him, now he wants YOU!
6. Hall of Faces
.......Did that face just move?
7. Scream Screens
.......What made the those TVs turn on? White noise anyone?
8. Clown Terrors
.......If you were not afraid of clowns before... you will be after this.

So, a run down of the technical room by room.

1. The Wreck. The truck is just a body, no wheels, no chassis, no frame. So I have to get some wheels under it.. I got some 200# casters from a yard sale that have to go on, plus I have to get air to the air system for the horn, and wire in a light switch. This prop will be manned, a dead body in the truck will be an actor, who will blow the horn, and operate the lights. A simple panel (I have to make)will be mounted in the truck for him. Once the victims move past the prop, he will exit the truck and prevent them from backing out of the next scare.

2. Creepy Critters. Hundreds of bugs, all mounted on pipe cleaners, with fans blowing across them to give them the feel of movement. thin black string will be hung from the ceiling to give the feel of spider webs across your face. The room will be very dark, and a pressure plate in the floor will activate a strobe. It will be a momentary on switch, so the room will go dark when someone moves. Under the runner in the floor will be crackers so it feels like you are stepping on bugs. I have to make the pressure plates and wire them to relays to operate the strobe.

3. The Butcher. This room is rather easy. We have dozens of plastic body parts that I need to make hooks for, so we can hang them from the ceiling. our victims will have to pass through them, at the end of the hallway, in an alcove, will be a "butcher" in a lab coat with mason jars with various organs around him, and a dummy on a table. He will whack down on a cutting board with a meat cleaver and hold up a dripping appendage when he sees the victims. I dont have much to do with this, other than make the hooks and set up lighting.

4. Museum of Monsters. A long hallway, with staggered alcoves. In each alcove is a motion activated prop. we have a witch, a voodoo woman, and a Saw man (thats santa under the saw mask) I need to set up the lighting in here is all.

5. Caged Crazy. This is a dog kennel, with an actor inside. Not much more to it than that. A single light is all I need in here, facing towards the victims so that the actor can hide in the dark behind it.

6. Hall of Faces. We have 24 white plastic masks. All Identical. 22 will be hung on the walls at various heights along the wall. In the center, we have 2 actors, dressed in black the color of the walls, wearing the masks. When the victims pass by, the actors will move, hopefully scaring the victims. This is a bit of a rest room, setting up the victims for the final 2 scares.

7. Scream Screens. 8 computer monitors will turn on when the victims enter the room. On them is playing a loop of static, and in the middle of the loop the static coalesces into a face, which screams at the victims to get out. As they leave the room, the monitors turn off. I have to set this whole thing up. I have the relays and pressure plates complete and ready to go. I am still waiting on the splitters for the monitors. I have a powered splitter already, that goes from 1-4 with no signal loss. I will put a splitter on each of those so I will have 8 monitors with 50% signal strength. I still have to complete the video.

8. Clown Terror. 3 actors. 1 little girl, rocking back and forth saying "he's gonna get you" over and over in a scared little girl voice. When the actors reach a certain spot, she will look up and in a creepy voice say the same thing, stressing the "YOU" (my daughter does this so good, it creeps me out) There will be a second actor, this is a 20 something gal, who looks like she is 13. She is going to be dressed in a jester outfit, and will be skipping around the room being playful. The final actor is going to be me, dressed in full clown getup. When the victims reach the above mentioned spot, the little girl changes her voice, and the lights will change from blue, to red. All the makeup and props are designed in such a way that when the color of light changes, the decor completely changes as well as the actor's makeup. My makeup will go from happy go lucky clown to clown of death. Before the light change, I will have a balloon and be offering to make balloon animals, when the lights change, I pop the balloon and scream at the victims, and laugh as they run. I have designed the technical aspects of this room, and have it all ready to go. A pressure plate system will change the lighting in the room, one to turn the lights red, the other to reset to blue.

The biggest problem we have, is because we are using the fire hall, we have to set up, run the haunted house, tear down and clean out, all within a 24 hour period. So it is going to be one helluva ride.

My wife is taking care of all the decorations and ambiance, and she has been working her tail off for weeks getting everything ready. We are super excited.

My wife is taking care of the ambiance and the decor, and I have taken over the technical aspects of everything, including electrical, motion, and lighting.

10-15-2011, 05:42 PM
The biggest problem we have, is because we are using the fire hall, we have to set up, run the haunted house, tear down and clean out, all within a 24 hour period. So it is going to be one helluva ride.

Crikey ... with all the empty storefronts, you could probably get one for free for three weeks and not kill yourself with the setup and teardown. And the haunt could be open for three days or a week.

Assuming that can't happen at this late date ... best of luck on this ... you have done a tremendous job of planning.


10-15-2011, 05:57 PM
I always thought it would be fun to put something like this together... the hardest part is making it different in the following years. It looks like you have everything pretty well planned... good luck with the put up and tear down!!

Your efforts I'm sure will be appreciated from all, but there is a sense of self accomplishment when you scare the sh*t out of someone!!!