View Full Version : prepping for REN64XC - dummy question

07-15-2011, 11:13 PM
I'm new to this and I recently ordered the REN64XC & SSRez. While I'm waiting on it's arrival I am trying to learn as much as I can and prep. I've never programmed a PIC before...

I ordered the recommend pickit2 from ebay (j1sys). ICSP20A rev 1.2

Now I'm looking at this wondering what how I go about programming a chip? I'm talking physical not the software portion - I can follow those videos.

Do I plug it into the PC. Then stick the chip in the ZIF socket starting at the top to match with the arrow, pull the lever and program? Do I put the jumpers across the 5 G pins (I read the recommendation sticky post)?

Is there a post that describes doomg this for someone who is new to it? Of course I did jump in with both feet so maybe I missed it.

Thanks for any direction on this. I feel dumb asking things like this but everyone has to start somewhere.


07-16-2011, 05:09 PM
There is a video on programming a PIC here on DIYC. I don't have the exact location, but look in the Renard thread for start.

When you get the kit from j1sys (an excellent choice, by the way), you should get the PICkit2 with 2 cables. One is a USB connection that connects to your PC. The other 5 or 6 pin cable go to the IC socket. You will take the PIC chip and put it in the IC socket, close the socket to lock in the chip, run the programming software from your computer to program the PIC, and then remove the chip and go on to the next chip. The Ren64 has more than 1 chip, and you need to program each one.

If you get stuck, just ask, and there's lots of folks here who will be willing to answer just about any question.