View Full Version : Using Ren-W and Start_Address firmware

01-14-2011, 04:25 PM
A couple recent emails have indicated that it might be helpful to have a practical example of how to integrate Ren-W and start_address firmware in a display. I've attached a PDF that outlines what I did in 2010, using twelve wireless Renard controllers, each of which used a Ren-W and start_address firmware to assign specific channels for a specific reason.

In some cases there was channel overlap as more than one controller was assigned to either the same or a portion of the same channel range. After reading the PDF it may become a bit more clear as to why, but essentially the reason for overlapping channels was to eliminate cabling in areas that had proven difficult to cable in the past. In every case, wireless was utilized to eliminate long runs for cat5 cable with the notion that the less cable lying about the yard the better. The other reason was flexibility in being able to position a display precisely where I wanted it to be this year and being able to move it or reposition it in subsequent years without needing new cabling.

The photo in the PDF is similar to an actual photo of my house and yard that has been enlarged to 24x36" size and mounted between plastic sheets. I use colored pieces of tape and/or to-scale cutouts and tape them onto the plastic as I design my layout each year. That becomes my plan of where the display elements will be, and then I plan which controllers whill control what, what the start_addresses will be and then I can design my Vixen profile. I try to complete the layout design by April 1st which affords plenty of time to implement the design and sequence the music.

I encourage other DIYC members who utilized Ren-W and/or start_address firmware in their displays to chime in and add comments and/or photos and explanations of what they did so as to grow this great hobby even further!