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01-07-2011, 03:25 PM

This is the car I did this year. I have it to where it can change 3 different colors but is there a way I can have it go to the beat of the music as well? And have them like they are now. So I can switch it to going to the beat or switch it to how they are now? Or any ideas I should do next year?

01-07-2011, 03:40 PM
OK - that's pretty cool - but how did you not get a ticket for this? Aren't flashing lights (besides the turn signals of course) illegal in about every state? I thought at least red and/or blue are? Putting that aside, how are you powering the lights now - with AC (with an inverter) or DC? With DC, you could use a DC controller with a laptop driving it - shouldn't be too difficult. I'd like to see how you wired this though - pretty neat (even if illegal or not...)

01-07-2011, 03:51 PM
I have it hooked to a 750watt inverter that is hard wired to the battery that stays under the hood. I just have the extension cord from the inverter the 3 switches in the car then I have the lights running from the trunk (that's where the start). Right now it is pulling 70amps with all the lights on. I only have one set of lights that are L.E.D. And I don't have a laptop haha. But I was thinking about doing only DC and all L.E.D. next year to cut down on the power it pulls...

01-07-2011, 04:49 PM
That is pretty neat. I have a 6 channel Gemmy christmas display I might be able to talk my wife into selling. She thought about giving it to my sister but ya never know. About the size of a large shoebox. It has the 6 Channels and you can hook a MP3 player to it and turn the thing to aux. and It will flash the channels to the beat of the music. Also has like 10 preset christmas songs. I once took a headphone cord and hooked it to the outputs on a stereo.You could split an MP3 to go to both the stereo and this controller. Not sure what it draws as power though.

I unhooked the speaker output and hooked up my FM transmitter there..

01-20-2011, 09:43 PM
ok, i do a much milder version to go display looking on Christmas eve. How are they attached to the car, and what do you do around the door openings? As far as the police, i think they let it slide a little at that time of year, unless it was clearly red or blue.

01-21-2011, 01:35 AM
You might wanna look at mp3car.com. They have dc power supplies for in car pc's that you can use to run Vixen. I have a car pc setup up in my truck with a 15" flip down monitor and an 8" in dash touch screen.. I've been thinking about doing something cool with it.

01-21-2011, 07:12 AM
They are held on with 3m command strips that you can pull off. The doors were kind of tricky. You have to have a side skirt if you want to get to the back doors. The police used to give me a hard time about it when I only had the blinking lights but now that i added the LED white they don't say anything.