View Full Version : Lost my Checkboxes on Test Channel

02-11-2010, 04:15 PM
Just before Christmas last year as I was setting up my display I realized I lost my checkboxes on the Test Channel dialog box. I didn't do anything because I could live with the inconvenience and didn't want to change the software just before Christmas show time. So I thought I would defer the software reload to after Christmas. I just now cleared my old version of Vixen, downloaded version, popped it open again, started a new sequence, and still don't have the checkboxes on the test channels dialog box.

I checked under preferences to see if there was an option I inadvertantly turned off, but couldn't find one. Am I having PC issues or did the checkboxes get removed from the software?

If its issues on my end, any recommendation for the next step? Thanks


02-11-2010, 04:28 PM
No, I don't think it's on your end. I had the same thing happen. I'm pretty sure it was a change in the software. You can turn any channel on or off just my clicking on it. If you want to turn several on at a time just click and drag. If you want to turn different channels on at the same time just hold down the CTRL key and click the ones you want. You can also dim the selected channel(s) with the slider bar on the right. Once I figured it out, it was much easier to work with.

Hope this helps.