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01-13-2010, 10:08 AM
Please pray for the victims and rescue workers in Haiti. I have been to Haiti and I can tell you that they don't have the infrastructure or resources to handle anything like this. The loss of life and suffering is going to be very bad.

01-19-2010, 03:35 PM
Yes, please pray for these people. I know about 6 people who are headed to Haiti right now. As well as a local pastor who often goes to work in a Orphanage, who was there, when the Quake hit. He is ok, he was outside when it hit, and watched the place colapse.

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01-20-2010, 04:53 PM
A member of our church is a missionary in Haiti. I and several other church members thought that he had moved to a mission in Africa, but as it turns out, he was still in Haiti when the earthquake hit. It was 2 days before he was able to get word back that he was okay. He was able to get several other Americans that worked with him to the US embassy and they have recently returned on a military cargo plane. He refuses to leave, but instead insists on assisting with rescue and relief efforts.

Our friend was combat medic in Vietnam, but he said that the things that he has seen in Haiti have even shocked him. The pictures that you see on the news don't even come close to conveying the destruction and human suffering. He said in the days following the quake that here were bodies just piled up along the roads everywhere.

There are many people risking their lives in unbelievably difficult conditions to do God's work. Please do what you can to give them the resources that they desperately need. Donate to a responsible charity now and continue to pray...Please!