View Full Version : How to attach lights to brick?

12-31-2009, 04:20 PM
Most of the side of my home is brick. I would like to take advantage of the crevices to attach lights to essentially net the wall of my home with lights. But I've been lacking in a production device that is affordable (or even better something I can fashion that would improve the DIY-ness). I've considered these, but they are pretty stout money at $2.50+ each (http://www.brickclip.com/index.php)

Most things that I've tried to attach just don't have enough sticktoitiveness and pop off in low wind.

I should add that I'm looking for an approach that doesn't require alteration (i.e. drilling holes). [Sorry - had to tie one hand behind your back].

Has anybody successfully tackled this?

12-31-2009, 04:34 PM
What if you could attach a steel cable and stretch it across your house by tightening it with turnbuckles, and then hang the lights off of that? It would involve drilling only a couple holes somewhere, maybe around on the side of the house or something where they wouldn't be seen, but two holes would certainly be preferable to dozens. ;)

12-31-2009, 04:44 PM
There was a long thread on this last year. Look at this thread for Ideas and other comments. http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=998&highlight=brick

12-31-2009, 06:12 PM
My house is brick, also. What I used for my window lights was a glue gun with the type of glue for brick/concrete and the small plastic clips you buy at Walmart, Home Depot, etc. (They come in packs of 100). I think I paid a buck 49.They held up great with all the wind we had, and popped right off with a twist of the wrist. it didn't leave any marks, either.


12-31-2009, 06:29 PM
Another good solution might be the mounting bases used to fasten zip ties to cabinets, walls, etc. These things typically are 1" square and have a permanent foam-tape backing, and a top that allows fastening a zip tie to it. They stick to darned near anything and don't seem to come off. I have a couple heavy-gauge power wires fastened to my house's aluminum siding to keep it off the driveway and away from my snowblower, and these things have held in there like an eagle's talons -- even though the temperature has dropped well below zero.

Buy 'em at Home Depot in the electrical dept -- a bag of 100 for about $15.