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  1. Where do I start?
  2. Protection diode?
  3. I-cybie As A Base For An Animatronic Rudolph?
  4. Anyone have ideas for an inexpensive automated rain cover?
  5. Falling Snow DIY Style
  6. how to make santa & reindeer fly?
  7. Fog Machines
  8. Hacking cheap talking skulls? Would DCSSR work?
  9. A flying what ?
  10. Animated Snowman Project
  11. Sled prop
  12. animated reindeer barn
  13. Slide Show from the Video Presentation on Animating Your Display
  14. Gemmy 5' animated pirate.
  15. Nutcracker: Can this be built?
  16. quadrocopters
  17. My first animated Christmas prop
  18. Carousel Build
  19. How to control an AC motor with LOR hardware?
  20. Dan's Trolley Build
  21. Motorising a flood?
  22. Turning pages in a book with a motor
  23. Trying to find servo specs
  24. Which way to go? Stepper motor moving hands playing piano
  25. Motorized flag and curtain
  26. Best way to connect to stepper motor
  27. What happens if you try to turn a stopped stepper?
  28. Animated snowman
  29. Talking Christmas Tree
  30. Where to get reindeer motors?
  31. doing bumble
  32. candycane dispenser
  33. Getting Power to a Flying Santa
  34. DMX moving head lights
  35. Some one do something cool with these!
  36. What is the best SNOW effect device available?
  37. DMX - Servo decoder
  38. Motors for animation
  39. CITC The MANIAC LED Fog Machine
  40. Monster guts -help
  41. Pulley for wiper motor and ferris wheel
  42. Motor/pulleys for Ferris wheel
  43. Christmas motorized nutcracker scene
  44. Thank you
  45. Uploading videos to diy forum from an iPad
  46. Skating snow people
  47. Ferris wheel
  48. Nutcracker ballet scene motorized
  49. Elves on a seesaw
  50. Gingerbread house
  51. Gingerbread village
  52. Dolphin splash
  53. Pop up snowmen
  54. Santa fishing
  55. Snowmen motorized
  56. Direct Drive for Wiper Motor?
  57. fiberglass animated elves
  58. First new props of 2016, it's snoopy and the Red Baron
  59. First video of toy shop conveyor belt project
  60. Does anyone make a Pop up + Pan motorized arm?
  61. Motorized Whoville figures
  62. Pixel Disco Ball..
  63. Looking for Advice: Motor to Raise Screen/Pirate-Ship Sail
  64. Snowman Orchestra
  65. Snowmnan orchestra Test #4
  66. Snowman drummer is getting closer
  67. Ran out of time, Snowman drummer is all he is going to be this year..
  68. Holiday Hotline interactive prop
  69. Candy Cane Dispenser
  70. Tower of Power
  71. Santa Pop Ups
  72. Suggestions?
  73. P short's servo mp3 board
  74. Servo response from espixelstick builtin effects
  75. Servo tip for beginners
  76. Pivot point solution for Servo props is no Yoke !
  77. Wemos Animation rig consolidated
  78. Moving dmx lighting units
  79. The Cool Quartet - Penguins playing violins and cello
  80. Christmas Spirit Meter
  81. Another snowman conversion
  82. Another Candy Cane machine
  83. This motorized contraption has a driver in it..