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  1. Dimming LEDs? Ren24?
  2. C6 LEDs on Roof Ridges
  3. LEDs in snow
  4. switching to leds
  5. Battery Operated LEDs :(
  6. LED's On eBay
  7. Questions on LED specs
  8. I am looking for LED lighting like I have in this picture can anyone help?
  9. The Incredible Holiday Light Show by Gemmy - LED replacement question
  10. Troubleshooting LED net/rail lights
  11. Fast twinkling LED light strings
  12. Led strings and dimming....
  13. Bulk Christmas LED's
  14. LED Advice
  15. Shortened led string
  16. LED String Modifications
  17. Strobes - LEDs or Incandescent?
  18. LED VS Incan
  19. Soldering Leds in a Straight Line
  20. Woohoo! LED's are on their way!
  21. 24v LED Icicles
  22. 24V DC LED Ropelight - 3 and 4 color test
  23. Cheap LED Lights
  24. Wiring LEDs
  25. Help - - Shorting Led lights
  26. LED Strobe Tube Idea
  27. A/C Led Strobes
  28. Cheap LED Strings
  29. LED strings question.
  30. Extending Icicles
  31. Rgb led fiber optics?
  32. Good place to get Blue LED's for under eaves
  33. New to this - flood question
  34. How to tell is a string is half-wave
  35. what is the best way to make white fairy/wedding/xmas lights constant on?
  36. Question on where these LED strings came from
  37. Which LED light strings would you suggest???
  38. LED light string poll
  39. LED Comparison
  40. Walmart LEDs
  41. GE LEDs on sale at Lowes
  42. LED Glow Tube
  43. Interesting Stuff on Gemmy Light Show RGB Light Strings
  44. Hack Walmart BiColor LED's II
  45. School me on LEDs
  46. C7 LED light Flicker... PLEASE Help?
  47. LEDs how to tell if they are full wave
  48. Mighty Mini vs the Rainbow floods.
  49. Howto..... Led cube
  50. RGB Icicle Lights
  51. Converting Mini's to LED
  52. LED Mini lights too dim to see...Help :)
  53. want white led lights that twinkle... suggestions?
  54. 'Enclosures' for Super Strips?
  55. scrolling text
  56. Best RGB Flood?
  57. Any way to test the Rainbow Floods during assembly?
  58. Which Power Supply for Ren46LSD and RGB+W Super Strips?
  59. Novelty Lights
  60. LOR DC Controller and Mighty Mini Flood - Odd Behavior
  61. White LED Spotlights
  62. Home Depot 16 in. LED Scroll Sign on Sale
  63. Inexpensive RGB+W flood/wall washer
  64. LED help not christmas related
  65. Looking for a "better" LED calculator
  66. Super Strips & Mighty Mini's.... I forget
  67. RGB Sparkleballs
  68. Full Wave
  69. 3W LED Driver
  70. Floods/Uplighting
  71. Looking for some Strobe LED knowledge
  72. SuperStrip vs Alliexpress 5050RGB Strips w/ Video
  73. Any info in this RGB strip?
  74. New Pixels?
  75. Shortening these rectified LED strings?
  76. LED strobes from CDI
  77. rectifier location
  78. led ropelight ends
  79. led mod question
  80. Dripping LED iciles - a thought
  81. Rope lights
  82. Superstrip Build
  83. My Cheap LED strobes
  84. LED bulb seal
  85. Ren48LSD
  86. Rank and Summary of RGB LEDs Strips, controllers, available
  87. EL Wire
  88. Plcc-6 smd 5050 rgb led
  89. WIKI question
  90. Too Good To Be True Pixels?
  91. LED Pixel Controller Chips
  92. 6803 Controlled RGB modules
  93. Where a good Place for LED or Regualar Lights to buy in SEP
  94. showing off superstrip idea
  95. Color Changing LED Rope Lights?
  96. Is it possable to hook up GE 35 LEDs to DMX Lighting Controlers
  97. RGB christmastree balls
  98. Tips for Soldering Piranha LEDs?
  99. Battery powered LED bow conversion?
  100. Looking for LED Ropelight
  101. Costco's LEDs ...Dimmable?
  102. E680 pixelcontroller molex, cable connection options?
  103. Issues with RGB Flood
  104. Sorry tried to search. Maxiumum addressible GE Effects pixals? Trying to figure out
  105. LED strips - what would you like?
  106. I want to run RGB modules from 12VAC
  107. LED light bar
  108. RGB Rope Light good Deal?
  109. Westinghouse LED
  110. Protecting LED strobes
  111. Low cost housing for Rainbow Spots and Floods
  112. help please
  113. GE Color Effects light strings - changing string length?
  114. Looking for 50 Ct. C3 Red LED Lights
  115. LED C9 Colors
  116. Mounting Super Strips
  117. How flexible?
  118. buying led for project
  119. LED Icicle lights
  120. Hanging LED lights in trees
  121. RGB Strip Light Control?
  122. RGB LED Flex strips help
  123. Anyone know anything about these RGB's from Home Depot?
  124. How to wire tricolor LEDs using AC power supply?
  125. Diming LED Floods
  126. Anyone open these lights from Big Lots up???
  127. Snubbers question
  128. Help me identify and info needed
  129. multi color leds on the same string
  130. e68x and vixen, where am I failing
  131. Why is first and las bulb on LED string different
  132. Phillips LED strings leads rusted off after 2 seasons!!!
  133. LED Firing Issues ~ Solved
  134. Converter/Filter AC-DC Dongle Thing
  135. Franks?
  136. RGB Pixels - Connector types
  137. Hello Again everyone a "hopefully" quick question about LED's
  138. Anyone know how they achieved this effect?
  139. Besides ge color effect are there any other product from local stores we could use
  140. Dead LED Strands
  141. Creating rectified new strings with old leds.
  142. Anyone find a good Warm White via LSP and GECE?
  143. need 1ft rope light
  144. HELP!!! What to do with several 100's LED lights (RMA/defect "Stanley" work lights
  145. help! replacement leds for GE C9 led christmas lights (led's rusting!)
  146. RGB Sequencing questions - scripting - chasing over a solid color
  147. Searched, but want to split some LED light strings Trying for a mega tree
  148. Sorry.. E681, E1.31js Chase weirdness, GE
  149. RGB+W Spot light
  150. A run of 3 colors of lights - need advice
  151. What cable/wire do I need to power both ends of LED string?
  152. Sam's Club has 200 ct LEDs in my arear for $9.81 down from $19.98
  153. New RGB products at CDI
  154. looking for a certain type of multi colored lights
  155. How to solder 5050 RGB SMD LEDs
  156. A Flood of questions...
  157. RGB recommendations
  158. GE SOLAR 100 count icicle lights question
  159. Differences between 5v and 12v setups?
  160. Led flood lights
  161. which led's?
  162. Anyone tried these LEDs?
  163. Would these be useful for anything?
  164. Red/Green Color Changing LEDs
  165. How are these individually addressable?
  166. LPD6803 vs TM1809
  167. Martha stewarrt leds from home depot
  168. Has anybody tried these Ebay rgb led's?
  169. Vixen Plugin for ShiftBrite LEDs
  170. Using "dumb" RGB strings on mini trees
  171. SuperStrips vs. 5050 RGB Flexible Strips
  172. PAR 38 LED Bulbs
  173. LED Rope Light Cutting
  174. led strings with controllers
  175. DIY End Caps for FAST tubes
  176. There's cheap and then there's CHEAP
  177. wiring for 6803 pixel strings
  178. DIY LED Express Strips
  179. Holidaycoro RGB question
  180. DIY RGB Icicles?
  181. Sputnik?
  182. Full wave conversion on 60 ct. led strings
  183. Resistors for led's
  184. Are RJ45 connector suitable for 2801 strings?
  185. Mini flood light options?
  186. Why common anode?
  187. Need some help with Mighty Minis...
  188. GE CE power supply
  189. 3 M, 30 LED, 3 AA battries
  190. Dumb rgb question
  191. Hooking RGB Strips to DCSSRs
  192. Possible chip for strobe upgrade?
  193. Empirical LED Dimming Curve
  194. LEDs not working at full power
  195. Fireworks, but the safe LED kind
  196. Cheap wiring methods for RGB pixels
  197. LED Mod
  198. Are these boards available anywhere?
  199. Dielectric Grease Anyone use it or have any issues???
  200. Mighty Mini Repair
  201. Now you can find a bad LED in your light string.
  202. Can I replace LEDs in store bought sets with my own LEDs?
  203. Cutting SMD 5050-RGB LED Strip Lights
  204. What controllers are people using for 5050 LED Strips?
  205. FAST - fried PIC16F688?
  206. Test WS2801 pixels
  207. RGB Strip DOA? How to troubleshoot??
  208. HolidayCoro RGB Flood Kit
  209. Heres something to chew on, diffused 5mm led on FAST boards:)
  210. Can 9813 Pixels work with E681 Controller?
  211. Specs for pixel <controller chip> types ?
  212. Need help with FAST FW mods for longer fall
  213. Ray Wu Pixels, which ones>?
  214. DIY 5050 RGB Strips for floods, wall washers, or anything
  215. FAST - alternative mounting
  216. FAST - reprogamming on board
  217. FAST Parts Calculator
  218. Remove/Replace Silicon Tubing From LED Strip
  219. LED research news
  220. DIYC Flood questions, just want to make sure before I order.
  221. 5050 rgb strip questions
  222. Some RGB questions...
  223. Re purposing some 3w stars as pest deterrent.
  224. C-9 "Incandescent" strobe at Creative Displays - is it LED or Xenon?
  225. WS2811 Pixels from Ray
  226. Help needed converting LED snowflakes
  227. Reasonably priced LED Warm White LED rope light
  228. July Sale
  229. Led varied length multi colors icicle light question
  230. RGB floodlight - need input
  231. Can anyone attest to these "Intelligent" LED strips"
  232. Looking for bright intelligent RGB strips
  233. I want to draw your attention to these 96 RGB LED/WS2801 strips!
  234. Field color control of 12V LED strips
  235. RGB Module Help
  236. I want to draw your attention to these pixel balls for mega trees
  237. Possible LED for a wall washer?
  238. Advice on Waterproof 5050 RGB LED Strips
  239. Has anyone tested these yet?
  240. Lightshow on a stick
  241. Which is Pixel 1?
  242. What order should LED Multicolor LED Pixels Present them selves in..
  243. Extension Cable for RGB Strips
  244. 30CM 8 Tube 160 LED White Mini Snowfall Meteor LED Lights
  245. High Power Wall Washes and Blinders
  246. FAST Tubes
  247. Fast snowfall tube videos???
  248. 5050 SMD LED RGB Module splicing question
  249. Gece pixel problem
  250. 5050 Dumb RGB LED Strips & REN48LSD