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  1. da_Sound: Command line driven audio player
  2. da_ftp: Command line driven FTP uploader
  3. da_E131: Test utility for E1.31 hardware
  4. PIC Programmer
  5. Which PIC Software
  6. Looking for audio tracks
  7. What is downloaded to the PIC controller?
  8. Simple Renard Tester Version 1.0
  9. Feedback wanted for Pixel Mapper
  10. Interest Inquiry:Vixen Profile Editor
  11. Adjustable Preview Data Format Reverse Engineered
  12. LSP2 is Released!
  13. Trouble converting LOR to Vixen
  14. Script for re-mapping vixen 2.1 sequences
  15. Controlling your lights with your phone?
  16. Error Converting LOR to Vixen
  17. Freestyler DMX software
  18. Okay I've now got some RGB LED's functioning working etc. But trying to sequence
  19. DJ/Radio Management software?
  20. vixen throwing error message when running program
  21. Problems with xLights and Sequences
  22. LOR S3 is released
  23. Any Mac compatable software exist ???? Help :(
  24. Anyone have Animated lighting controllers or the Animation Director software?
  25. Adding Foursquare check-ins to the display
  26. Software for viewing DMX data?
  27. Is there an interest?
  28. Cool way to test your lights while you are outside
  29. Off-hours radio station
  30. Audacity Portable
  31. Simplest way to control lights with Python on Windows PC?
  32. Curious about Pro Lighting Control
  33. Web design software
  34. Best Software for Very High Channel Count?
  35. Setting up controllers in LSP!
  36. Vixen Format Questions
  37. LSP or LOR
  38. Spiral mega tree,sequencing tips
  39. LightFactory matrix demo video
  40. Lightjams
  41. Volume control software
  42. PPT is not working & can say not activeted in I5 plz help me...
  43. Anyone using video animation for sequencing?
  44. Out of the loop on software
  45. using Vixen and LSP with xLights
  46. Importing Vixen into LSP
  47. LSP Sold to Chineese Company
  48. Android APP for testing E1.31 devices
  49. Lightjams Lighting Software
  50. Vixen Profile Transformer
  51. Building Projection Software Project
  52. Pixel testing software?
  53. Bugs - continue with Vixen or change to LSP?
  54. Use Vixen? Is your channel count growing? I need your input
  55. windows users .
  56. MPLab Pickit 3 Sure
  57. Blinky software for playing LOR sequences
  58. Trying to get my e682 going
  59. Vixen Ipad / Iphone App
  60. How do you change the color of a RGB Pixel in Lightorama?
  61. Lsp scheduler issue
  62. Sound help needed urgently!
  63. LSP + Renards few Questions ,
  64. Vixen to LOR conversion
  65. Anyone using Cellular Automata?
  66. Lightshow Pro with Renard
  67. Visio visualizer?
  68. Problem with MPASMWIN
  69. Animated lighting - Customer service issues
  70. Animated Director routine
  71. Temperamental USB to Serial Converter
  72. LSP new release with fixes
  73. xlight issue.
  74. Script for background sequence
  75. Software help
  76. Screen Capture tool
  77. Compiling xLights on linux
  78. Adding sequences??
  79. For 2013 Vixen 3.0 or HLS?
  80. New Member software question
  81. RDSFeed - an application for text systems
  82. LOR S2 or S3
  83. Having one heck of a time picking software
  84. Audacity beat finder? Any way to import the track into vixen? Does it do a good job
  85. New Open-Source Controller for programmers
  86. Another, which one, question
  87. Big RGB Displays
  88. Vixen won't work or even load!
  89. Shimmer/Twinkle
  90. LOR Protocol
  91. Windows 8 compatibility
  92. PL2302 Driver Needed
  93. My new effects system
  94. Vixen, HLS, S3 which to use?
  95. Help making E1.31 Plug-in for Q Light Controller+
  96. Difference between old and new version of Vixen
  97. Video editing - compositing
  98. Which Is Best?
  99. Smart Pixel System
  100. E1.31 universe assignments
  101. Holiday Coro Actidongle and Madrix problems..
  102. Madrix 3.0
  103. VIXEN+ Sequencing Software
  104. modifying colors in existing rgb sequences
  105. Blender and 3d rendering
  106. Things get interesting with After Effects
  107. e1.31 bogging down wireless
  108. Need to know a good free software to run RGB DMX
  109. Announcing the Light Show Pro Version 2.8 training forum
  110. Cloud Storage
  111. Glediator - Freeware LED pixel matrix software
  112. 7 painful moments <> laggy and laughable
  113. E1.31 sACN to Renard software bridge?
  114. Announcing the Second Light Show Pro Version 2.8 training forum
  115. Christmas Countdown
  116. Weekly Light Show Pro live training forum
  117. Creating your own matrix effects
  118. Renard Color Picker
  119. PixelController OpenSource LED Matrix Software
  120. Markers - labels into AE
  121. Looking for Sequences
  122. Mouse clicker
  123. Software behavior study help wanted
  124. Pixel tree problem with converting from LOR to Pi in xlights. Help...
  125. RGB lighting software question
  126. Copy and paste function not working well
  127. error loadifng UI
  128. xLights or the Falcon Pi Player
  129. Need to transition from Vixen 2 - which is easier conversion Vixen 3 or HLS?
  130. Vixen to xLights conversion
  131. LSP Problems
  132. Facebook LightShow Pro Users Group
  133. Where can I find some routine's?
  134. x lights problem? vixen problem? Renard problem ?
  135. Just wanted to say thanks
  136. Details on my Interactive Light Show
  137. newbie looking for software
  138. Idea for future sequencer
  139. PHP and web interface?!?
  140. pickt2 cant get it to work. what all do i need
  141. Advice, thoughts on changing sequencing software requested
  142. Add arrows and text to photos(or any JPG file)
  143. Wanted to share Vixen+
  144. Mac OS X 10.9 and timing grids
  145. Xlights and Vixen 2.1 Linux (via wine)
  146. Image based sequencing, making pixels easy.
  147. Need Help with E682 and Vixen 3
  148. Looking for a Mac user with some time on their hands...
  149. What software for LED strings and Pixels together?
  150. Windows XP-End Of Life
  151. DMX Live Input/Recording using midi DAW software with QLC+ and Midi Yoke
  152. Renard ethernet protocol.
  153. Utility to export list of channels from SystemConfig.xml to a text file
  154. Renard board timer control software.
  155. Ren PX1 Setup application
  156. Sequencing software
  157. How to set up matrix to best work with my display.
  158. Falcon Pi Player v0.3.0 release is now available
  159. LightShowPro (LSP) effects you don't know how to do?
  160. What is up with Ligh Show Pro
  161. Audio - effect synced via frequency settings rather than beat track
  162. How to stretch through more channels
  163. Looking for LSP (light show pro) Macros you would like to share
  164. How to import timing marks from Audacity
  165. Video to Sequence (For matrix or other)
  166. Glediator directly output e1.31
  167. Free Ae transition
  168. Hubs > a better way to share files etc
  169. Anyone using the new FPP yet?
  170. Audacity help
  171. Controlling 40+ Universes of Pixels with Madrix
  172. Falcon Player - Official v0.4.0 release is now available.
  173. Is windows taskbar a nightmare for programers ?
  174. New controller
  175. Need help with papagayo
  176. which new sequencer anyone prefers with pixels from vix 2.5
  177. Need Help Converting LOR to Vixen
  178. big green button app
  179. Aurorashow beta2
  180. lightin control software using math expression, i forgot it
  181. Software to download sequences to LOR for Standalone
  182. VISIO alternative
  183. Ae 60 sec. Sarajevo
  184. Using Jinx! Scripting to create Scrolling Text in Vixen
  185. New Project... Which Software
  186. Win 7 64 unidentified network
  187. Falcon Player - Official v1.0 release is now available
  188. Manual control
  189. Renard board timer control software.
  190. Xlights is giving me errors.
  191. LOR 3.12 Update
  192. Need help with Papagayo
  193. HELP-Pixel Tree Off To Really bad Start
  194. FPP Scheduling question
  195. Last year's shows don't run this year
  196. Interesting Programer
  197. Backup, Backup and Backup....
  198. pic programmer
  199. generic serial setup failure
  200. Software Idea: Software based DMX to E1.31 bridge
  201. SMS Messaging Application - Send SMS's to your Display
  202. Anyone using pfSense?
  203. Run FPP and Vixen 3 at same time... Possible?
  204. Pixel controller firmware
  205. settings for baud rate in computer
  206. Communications Protocols ???
  207. MacBook Bootcamp -vs- Parallels
  208. Found great Pixel Editor
  209. Could I get a little help setting up my network please?
  210. 110-240V AC WIFI S20 Timer Windows Application for free to use.
  211. M$ Forcing Windows 10 Upgrades
  212. Using LOR Sequences with VIXEN 3
  213. E1.31 and Renard?
  214. xlights to LOR
  215. Sorry - another WHICH ONE question ...
  216. Aurora
  217. import glediator into vixen3
  218. 64 bit version on a 32 bit machine?
  219. Which effect to use?
  220. I have a static issue with my audio!
  221. Physical vs Software Layout
  222. IP address help.
  223. LSP users please help
  224. What am I missing? Vixen+ to X-lights
  225. Combining elements into single element
  226. Which Sequencing Software
  227. Looking for Animations
  228. Anti-Virus software preference
  229. Glediator
  230. Does anything support the Philips Hue
  231. Xlights
  232. A little help
  233. Software to capture portions of video.
  234. Do any Smart pixel software packages display the musical notes instead of sound Waves
  235. What's the advantage of user LOR Showtime Pro vs Xlights or Vixen longterm?
  236. Toss those old spreadsheets that you are tracking your controller and channels with!
  237. Google Nik Collection of photo editing tools is now free
  238. Migrating Windows .
  239. Holiday Display Manager
  240. Testing using test tab xlights
  241. Do any software programs allow a song to be sequenced "in the round"?
  242. In the round
  243. Video Capture Software
  244. Looking for Song: Star Wars / Funk You Up Theme
  245. SpEx not running
  246. xlights / vixen3 problem???
  247. Software USage
  248. Convert Aurora show sequences to ?
  249. Sequence syncrhonization question
  250. Can someone check my first papagayo work please