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  1. Marshall Family's lights on KAKE News; Wichita, KS
  2. News Channel Post
  3. PacificLights
  4. Last years TV coverage
  5. News Coverage - First Night
  6. We made it into the newspaper
  7. Local paper visited me last night
  8. In the local newspaper
  9. Not quite media but pretty cool
  10. Local Paper Coverage
  11. Mentioned in the local paper
  12. I won Nashville overall decorations contest
  13. Symphony In Lights Contest
  14. short news paper video
  15. In our local paper
  16. Newspaper Coverage
  17. Sunday Paper Coverage...
  18. Im in a Year long reality TV Show
  19. Light show on tv tonight
  20. Christmas Lights Episode on WeLiveFit
  21. Local News Paper
  22. Too much!
  23. Sacramento newspaper with a plug for this forum
  24. Fairfield, ca Newspaper YAY!
  25. My local paper
  26. Kapimana: Porirua, New Zealand
  27. Local News
  28. Local television attention
  29. 2009 Cook Family Christmas Display
  30. Newspaper article
  31. Newspaper article - and the consequences!!!
  32. Article from our local paper
  33. the SECOND news visit!!!
  34. TallahasseeLights on TV
  35. 3rd year in a News10 Sacramento Series
  36. Mentioned in Local Newspaper (And diyc mentioned!)
  37. Nice atricle in our local paper!
  38. On the news!
  39. FOX News
  40. HolidayAutomation.com light show featured in ElectronicHouse.com list
  41. In the spotlight
  42. Central Pa. Magazine article
  43. National (dutch) television...
  44. Minneapolis covers "PD Shimmers" light show in first year
  45. CEntral Pa WGAL 8
  46. Local News
  47. Local news story ABC
  48. TackyLightTour Television Show?
  49. Thought I would share Beatrice Daily Sun
  50. Mr. Jim's On the Local CBS news
  51. Yep, got my christmas lightshow on the (dutch) news....
  52. Article in local paper w/DIYC shoutout
  53. First bit of real exposure on the news
  54. Interview with CBC
  55. Kentucky Christmas - Made in the Local Paper
  56. Lombard Illinois made it on the local News.
  57. Stonegate Lights made the local TV
  58. Metro Indy lighting contest winner
  59. Hallsville Lights Won the local Christmas Lights contest.
  60. PD Shimmer Light Show on Minneapolis CBS Affiliate WCCO TV 10pm News
  61. Made the Front Page of the Local Paper - (Nelson, NZ)
  62. PD Shimmers in the news
  63. BradyChristmasLights made NBC4 in Columbus OH
  64. Well another one for the front page
  65. Gresham Outlook
  66. Our Little Town
  67. Appleton WI Front Page
  68. Made the news again - Good Morning Columbus" - WTTE Columbus
  69. National Television !
  70. Made Front Page of Local Newspaper :-)
  71. Local Newspaper Post
  72. Front page three years in a row.....
  73. Denver Post Article
  74. CBS 2 Chicago News
  75. Put on your google-translate implants!
  76. Local Newspaper Front Page
  77. 1st year and made the local paper
  78. Made "Page 3" of the Local Newspaper :-)
  79. I am this week's Denver Post Holiday Lights winner! WooHoo!
  80. Front Page
  81. Suprised
  82. 2013 Commerce City Colorado Christmas Bus light Tour Winner
  83. 2013 Commerce City Colorado Christmas Bus light Tour Winner
  84. Woot, finally got in the county paper. Feeling great
  85. 2013 Video Interview
  86. Made the Front Page of a Nation Wide Magazine :-)
  87. Made the local paper
  88. The Story of PD Shimmers
  89. Lead story ABC local news
  90. Local FOX station aired a really nice 4 minute story about our lights... twice!
  91. A little story on channel 10
  92. Like the Dad says in A Christmas Story: "It's a Major Award" HA !
  93. My first blog mention ...
  94. Made it to the Local Paper's On Line edition :-)
  95. Love from our weekly paper
  96. Article on the lights and show in local newspaper
  97. First Year Show on the News
  98. Made the Front Page of the Local Paper 12/23/2015
  99. Made it on Dutch NATIONAL television!
  100. Halloween show on the news!
  101. Dutch national digital newspaper...
  102. National TV Filmed us the other night :-)
  103. Chuchla Family Lights on CBS 2 Chicago
  104. I gave you guys a shout out!
  105. Bill Porter made Hackaday.com!
  106. NOTW Lights made the local channel 13 New Mexico news!
  107. PD Shimmers "must see" light display
  108. The Great Christmas Light Fight looking for new displays
  109. I've finally made it!
  110. We are on The Great Christmas Light Fight this year!
  111. Dutch national television - final time
  112. We made the front page of our local newspaper!!
  113. RTV Achterhoek - First time coverage!
  114. Viral Video of Gender Reveal with Christmas Lights
  115. Covid Mask Halloween
  116. The End of a Local Drive Through