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  1. Has anyone used an ATX 500W PSU with an E682?
  2. Strategy for powering 900 pixels in one area
  3. How many feet of cable did you use on your display this year?
  4. Measuring DC current draw, what fuses and how many power supplies do I need?
  5. Running power to arches across a driveway
  6. Arduino to power SSR's?
  7. what do I need and how do I go about with Power Injection for Coro's PixNode NEt
  8. Do I need to tie the grounds together?
  9. What multi meters are you guys using?
  10. Will this work???
  11. Lighting up the ROOF. :)
  12. 1st Try at planning power distribution will this work ?
  13. Power Supply Corrosion
  14. 14GA power wire
  15. Trying to calculate draw for RGB nodes
  16. How about a very big matrix ?
  17. Type of power supply advice
  18. Power Supplies Stay On or Turn Off After Show?
  19. Modular Power Distribution for Matrix
  20. Measured and expected voltage drops
  21. RG59 to run smart pixels?
  22. Rocker switch help
  23. Can I use round 3 core cable Uk
  24. Ebay Voltage Regulators
  25. Why you should NOT tin wires going into terminal blocks
  26. Want to power a keyboard from a battery, not light related but you guys know this..
  27. Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve question
  28. Fog machine advice
  29. Need Validation on power/ground layout please!
  30. Help with wiring Ray Wu's 4 core DMX + 12v connectors...
  31. Confused about power injection
  32. Anyone experiment with these SockitBoxes for water proofing the Power supplies?
  33. Question on Where to Power Inject for this mini arch layout for pathway using 30/30
  34. 1200w power supplies?
  35. Anyone using these Resettable Fuses?
  36. How do you properly fuse the leads from a 400W 12V power supply for power injection?
  37. DIY Cheap Inline Fuse Holder
  38. Will this Power Inject plan work for the display Or will I need to adjust it?
  39. Long Power Cables...
  40. Anyone ever user these 18 Gauge 12v Kichler waterproof pro series connectors?
  41. Any solutions out ther to skip solder step other than the solder butt splice sleeves?
  42. power connector: "PowerPlug™ Luminaire Disconnect"?
  43. Which glands do you use on your enclosures?
  44. Pixel Power layout verification
  45. Pixel power reduction via dimming curves .
  46. multi3ple power supply output on same power supply
  47. Getting power from the house
  48. Mounting screws for MW PSUs?
  49. Hot sun and CG-1500
  50. Power Injection Videos
  51. Extension Cord Question
  52. PSU for Falcon expansion
  53. What size fuse is needed
  54. Panel/Sub-Panel Question
  55. North Pole tune to sign power question
  56. Should I put fuses on my props?
  57. How to roll up wire and cables for storage
  58. Has anyone ever put two 350W PSUs in an ammo box?
  59. Another Cat / Cable / Power Question :)
  60. Gpio relay
  61. 4-Conductor Speaker Wire: what do you use the fourth conductor for?
  62. power injection: 12 AWG 2-conductor cable or 16 AWG 4-conductor cable?
  63. Supplying power to both ends of string of pixels
  64. How do I use a multimeter to test 3 core pigtails?
  65. Question About Connecting Grounds Together
  66. Mean Well 100w power supply - Can I use this one?
  67. Screw sizes on MW 12v power supplies
  68. Powering 35,500 Ican's -- EEK
  69. push-in connector used outside?
  70. Two sources of power for lights
  71. LED Light String Modification Question
  72. CG1500 Enclosure with Power Supply Overheat?
  73. Timer?
  74. Show Over for me this year
  75. Power injection with pictures what am I doing wrong?
  76. atx power supply
  77. Male plug won't go into female plug
  78. Please check my calculations
  79. Using Cat 5 cable for RGB display....ok or should you expect fires?
  80. University Show - Best Power Options
  81. Twist & Seal - Cheaper option?
  82. Power Injection with distrubution board fusing
  83. DC quick disconnects
  84. Single cable optimised for both power and data for use from controller to first pixel
  85. e682 and AMPS
  86. Voltage Drop Question
  87. excessive voltage
  88. Self Test GFCI's
  89. MeanWell short circuit "protection" is anything but
  90. Help with flickering on house
  91. Pi Power
  92. Where do you get your cable?
  93. How Do I Determine What Size Fuse / Circuit Breaker To Use?
  94. Ground wire
  95. What is the best way to splice in a new pixel node?
  96. PLEASE HELP :):) Extension Cords for Power Supplies
  97. Distance Between Pixels - Use This Cord?
  98. Rain and power
  99. SPT-1 vs. standard outdoor extension cords
  100. Proper use of Fuses
  101. Question about fusing and power injection
  102. Attaching C9 Snap-On Sockets to SPT-1 Wire
  103. 2 Power Supplies, 1 plug?
  104. Can this be done 1 data output for 5 strips
  105. Mounting Power Supplies in CG1500?
  106. Power Injection - Outputs
  107. Power supply light out
  108. What brightness do you run your show at
  109. Powering a Raspberry Pi via F16V2
  110. How is this power supply
  111. Cost to run my lights
  112. Electronics Question - resistor in series or parallel
  113. Curious, what did folks use for power adapters this year? I use XT-60's
  114. 12awg speaker wire ok for power???
  115. 3 Core Flat Wire Supplier?
  116. CAT5 cable repair
  117. DC power plugs & jacks - suitable for use with AC power or no?
  118. Is this a way to cheat on power injection?
  119. Rainproof power supplies
  120. Power Injection Wire
  121. 88W of 5v Pixels need to be powered...
  122. 600W Meanwell Supplies
  123. Distribution boards/blocks
  124. 50% Vs. 100%: ws2811 Power Draw Measurements
  125. Where do you get your 3 core 18ga wire?
  126. 16 vs 18 gauge 4 core wire for power & data
  127. Power injection plan OK?
  128. Any Ideas for Tee connectors?
  129. Power supplies for 300 pixels
  130. Cat5e cable
  131. Power Injection's impact on fuse locations/amounts
  132. Keystone compatible power jack
  133. I'm confused - any help would be greatful
  134. Dumb RGB power injection/repeater from external power supply?
  135. How to measure DC amp/watts load on power supply
  136. waterproof glands
  137. 16 gauge 3 conductor wire question
  138. adding electrical circuits / outlets - looking for pointers
  139. Help with power supply
  140. ATX Power Supplies
  141. How to select the right Electric Motor?
  142. Using server power supplies
  143. Really need help, how to select the right Electric Motor
  144. Cable Gland...Rubber Gasket?
  145. buck converter sizing
  146. CCTV power supply for 12V lighting?
  147. 18 awg Pigtails and 10 amp Injection line
  148. Help with basic controller/ps setup (regarding wiring)
  149. Power over a sidewalk
  150. Where can I find a primer/intro on PSU's and Pixel lighting
  151. Yet again looking for 16/2 SPT green wire in bulk
  152. Two Questions On Powering Pixels
  153. Are these connectors the same thing?
  154. A/C distribution especially for rentals
  155. What type of fuse holders and fuses to use?
  156. 8ch relays need help
  157. Fine versus coarse threads?
  158. Question about Pigtails/Tee's
  159. Wiring F16V3
  160. Pixel Prop - Grounding Question
  161. Mac Psu for use with controllers
  162. Mac Psu for use with controllers
  163. 5 amp fuses
  164. Ground Connection
  165. Pixel power calculator and associated power injection article
  166. Outlet in stacked stone
  167. 14-2 AWG landscaping wire question ?
  168. Power Injection --- Can I skip the T's?
  169. 350W v. 400W PSUs
  170. GFCI Tripping - bad power supplies?
  171. Tee Power Injection - Data issue
  172. Small Fire.. Help with power cables
  173. Tee Power Injection Problem
  174. Wifi power controllers
  175. Electrical or Vixen?
  176. mixing stranded and solid wire
  177. GFI popping
  178. Weatherproof connections with plastic wrap
  179. One string LED on a Renard SS24 channel not switching off.
  180. Power outage: overload or vandalism???
  181. Pixel flickering phenomenon and fix
  182. Anyone have pictures or videos to share of their outdoor sub pannels?
  183. Multiplexing 120vac
  184. Power consumption question
  185. Is there a Power Pro that can say yeah or nay before I do this..
  186. Power distribution modules.
  187. Outdoor Power supplies
  188. Velleman power supply quality? (vs Meanwell)
  189. Another Power Distribution Question
  190. Power Injection and fuses
  191. 4 Port Receiver Board and Power
  192. Real world PSU load on mains.
  193. XLR Connector
  194. Butt Connectors - Crimp & Heat Shrink or Solder & Heat Shrink
  195. Can Ur controller and lights have separate power supplies
  196. Screws screws screws...
  197. Questions about outlet recently installed
  198. Outside cabinet / housing
  199. Wire Gauge
  200. 3 Core Pigtails Wiring Options?
  201. Breaker Question
  202. Power Spliter?
  203. Power injection question
  204. Anybody ever worry about fire when mounting a powersupply in a plastic box?
  205. Wet connection?
  206. How do YOU waterproof?
  207. Another Power Injection Question
  208. Measure Transformers Output Voltage
  209. CG-1500 Door Hole Spacing
  210. Where do you buy your waterproof heat shrink?
  211. Power supply needs
  212. Power Supplies/Injection Double Check
  213. Some more Power injection questions
  214. My solution to venting the CG 1500
  215. Ray Wu Pigtails
  216. Power supply PC psu viability
  217. WS2811 Power Question
  218. Power Verification
  219. Are there any alternatives to pigtail cables for waterproof connections?
  220. Desolder station recommendations
  221. Need ideas for hooking up 4 color mini trees every other one.. to my LOR controller
  222. Power for DIY bridge
  223. Power cords for Meanwell power supplies
  224. Megatree wiring
  225. Portable electric panel
  226. Power injection - Is this correct
  227. V- versus ground
  228. Soldering Pigtails
  229. Distro boards or power blocks?
  230. Will this work well for fusing and distributing power injection?
  231. How well do JST connections work outdoors? CorrosionX?
  232. Power injection locations
  233. Fuse rating
  234. Power Injection - Fuse blowing Explaination
  235. Help! Distance from controller to pixel, or between props?
  236. Multiple power supplies questions???
  237. Power supplies failing
  238. Simple Installation: Vampire Plug Question
  239. Led mega tree string problem
  240. That moment 22hrs before you open your show, when you realize a potential flaw
  241. Help, do not understand the power used
  242. GFCI trip sensor
  243. Any reason not to use cheap EVGA computer power supply?
  244. Toasted power supply
  245. Broke our electric service!
  246. Failed Mean Well power supply and questionable diagnostic techniques
  247. Turn transmitter on / off via pi?
  248. NiuGuy Powersupply...opinions
  249. Introduction to powering LED pixel projects
  250. Formula for reduction in power with reduction in brightness