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  1. Christmas Present
  2. Strange Sequence Behavior
  3. Pi B+ and micro sd card
  4. Falcon Player - Installation Instructions
  5. Falcon Player - What Do I Need To Get Started?
  6. What to do with this thingy?
  7. FPP V1 - Very Limited Output HELP PLEASE
  8. Any performance metrics available (e.g. X pixles per Pi)?
  9. Questions about FPP and networking
  10. Starting off Next years plans early - Questions from a Newbie
  11. Can't register on FPP site
  12. Interactive Display
  13. Fpp setup
  14. Looking At this for next year
  15. rpi and cold temperature
  16. What USB switch to use?
  17. What is pi@fpp $
  18. automated fpp show
  19. FPP test mode - strange behavior
  20. Px1 on FPP
  21. Mounting Options for rPi2, Switch, VAST?
  22. X Lights converter
  23. Falcon Christmas
  24. Hill 320 to run on falcon pi ??????
  25. Falcon Player on Pi 2
  26. Falcon Player - Official v1.5 release is now available
  27. Need alittle help
  28. Forgot Setup - How do I recover IP etc?
  29. Waiting for fpp login
  30. Sequences Question
  31. bypassing FPP/PI
  32. FPP with V-FMT212R static issue
  33. Pi b+ and USB hub
  34. ETH0 Connection Issue
  35. Vixen to FPP to Pi GPIO
  36. FPP weird channel mapping issue
  37. FPP and E682 controller
  38. S4 Superstar - Nutcracker Conversion - FPP compatibility
  39. fseq file comparison
  40. FPP v1.6 is now available
  41. Raspbery PI FPP users
  42. FPP not recognizing sequence length
  43. Configuring SACN E1.31 FPP and Vixen 3
  44. FPP set up question
  45. FPP mapping problem
  46. Sequence for tune to sign
  47. FPP PI Sd card failure
  48. FSEQ disappearing from Playlist
  49. Pi Zero
  50. Raspberry Pi Falcon pi PLayer !
  51. Does this look correct ?
  52. Does this look correct ? Please check....
  53. start different sequence with a gpio inputs
  54. V3 to FPP problem
  55. No output rom Pi
  56. V3_Export to FPP_ Show missing pieces
  57. Sequences lagging music
  58. Schedule not working as it should
  59. Setup question....Please verify
  60. How to Map Channels in FFP V1.7???
  61. FPP and channel setup best approach
  62. FPP and FM-02
  63. Trying to get my HIFIBerry to work
  64. Help! At the end of our rope! Cant get fpp to communicate properly to sainsmart relay
  65. Pixel Flicker
  66. Overclock PI-FPP is possible?
  67. Forever Wreath Idea
  68. Some pixels not working
  69. FPP 1.7 with EMD -RDS does it work? Pi 2
  70. FPP 1.7 pixels wrong color
  71. Using FPP with a Grinch
  72. Wireless Setup
  73. Wifi Dongle and NTP
  74. seqences sometimes stops in in the middle and start again at the beginning
  75. FPP+USB Dongle + Enumeration
  76. fpp / vixen frame / refresh rate
  77. Uploaded Sequence File
  78. FPP and Xbee. Can't figure it out.
  79. Transition Help FPP and V3
  80. FPP not running until power pull.
  81. How Many RGB Channels before you need a slave Raspberry Pi?
  82. USB DMX Dongle and FPP
  83. Uploading all fseq files to FPP with a single command.
  84. I made a page to show the various SBC's that can run FPP software
  85. I have added one more column to the FPP comparison page.
  86. Wifi Question
  87. Ffp
  88. How to Install FPP on the Pi
  89. 8g card
  90. Background Sequence
  91. A bit off subject
  92. Quick Question.... Raspberry PI 3??
  93. First time with FPP and no sound
  94. PI not working
  95. FPP driving Pixels directly help
  96. Have to unplug ethernet cable after reboot
  97. Adding LOR Controllers to FPP
  98. Looking for some feedback on a potential Raspberry & FPP idea.
  99. Can you run FSEQ files from Vixen 3 & Nutcracker?
  100. PI hats
  101. Pi Zero in Stock
  102. P10's Running FPP, Pi2B or Zero, Pi Matrix Hat, using Vixen 3 - Issues with text.
  103. Anyone successfully run Pi and BBB using two different FSEQ files?
  104. Will These work?
  105. FPP won't start - can't access tty: job control turned off
  106. Need some help with PI3
  107. Lost
  108. Pi help
  109. Wi fi dongle
  110. Bbb & fpp
  111. FPP to 2 E682 controllers = massive network/sequence errors
  112. BBB will not boot up when the Oscotroller jacket installed
  113. FPP Help flip flop the on/off for channel
  114. P10 Panel Brightness Test Video
  115. Modifying P10 Panel Brightness for FPP on BBB/BBG Tutorial
  116. Thriller Sequence P10 Singing Skull Test
  117. Usb stick.
  118. Pi 3 Setup
  119. Renard Data over GPIO
  120. FPP sequences out of sync
  121. Mapping Issue
  122. Falcon Logo in vinyl?
  123. Loving Falcon
  124. Vixen or Xlights for Falcon controller
  125. Ok I'm losing my mind with FPP
  126. Any FPP users in the Columbus Ohio area
  127. Newbie user next year
  128. Pi remote lagging behind master
  129. no audio output with video
  130. XLights FSEQ not playing correctly in FPP
  131. Mixing universe sizes
  132. Figured I'd ask here
  133. Falcon Pi Player as Controller in Vixen
  134. need to verify I am doing this correctly
  135. ESPixelstick and FPP setup
  136. Rasberry Pi 2 Sound Help Please
  137. Komby not working with FPP
  138. NOOBS and FPP
  139. Fpp 2 pis and a projector
  140. Local time not working
  141. BBB for P10 dropping out once sequence starts
  142. LOR on fpp
  143. GPIO Pins in a Pi 2 B
  144. fpp and Access point together
  145. FPP Login
  146. FPPD, stopped? "start FPPD" not showing... FPP is not functioning
  147. FSEQ Files Not Converting Correctly
  148. FPP install on Pi not working
  149. FPP with Renard PX1
  150. FPP Scheduler.
  151. Can't access FPP from PC but can from iPhone and tablet
  152. Lag using xbee
  153. Did I fry my Edimax?
  154. FPP using lor
  155. newbie....need help fast
  156. Selecting The Same Sequence Multiple Times
  157. P10 Matrix with Beaglebone Black shutting down
  158. Anyone successfully sent an email from FPP?
  159. Is FPP in my Future?
  160. FPP scheduler doesn't stop the show
  161. Rainbow of death, installing FPP
  162. Start A Show Based On GPS Location of Viewer?
  163. FPP-Falcon Player Stumped
  164. FPP Falcon player stumped
  165. Anyone ever had random pauses in secondary video to projectors?
  166. Random network freezes
  167. Install player on existing raspberry pi
  168. FPP does not sync mp3 files
  169. Vixen V3 to FPP Issue
  170. Channel Remapping not working as I expect
  171. Getting sequence to work
  172. Need output "ON" for duration of the evening?
  173. Networking the PI3
  174. PI clock is running properly without internet connection?
  175. Anybody running a Renad with PI?
  176. New Setup of FPP: Works 1 or 2 times then fails to boot
  177. Has anyone added a 3.5" Touch Screen LCD to their Raspberry pi 3 and ran FPP?
  178. Pixel question
  179. Disable GPIO? Help!
  180. How many pixels can the FPP control with a pi hat
  181. Great deal on USB WiFi adapter with antenna.
  182. A second ruined microSD card
  183. Raspberry Pi 3 for $24.50!!
  184. Raspberry pi 2
  185. Setup
  186. What Do I Need To Install
  187. Script, Effects ....
  188. No Sound Nothing Playing
  189. FPP with Rpi3 questions
  190. AlphaPix 4 with FPP and Vixen
  191. HELP - Messed Up IP Address on PI3
  192. Really Need Some Network Help
  193. FPP, Vixen 3, Raspberry pi 3 mb, NIGHTMARE. Help if you may
  194. Is This a Vixen Issue or FPP Issue ???? Or a Kev Issue???
  195. Loading FFp on the BBB
  196. ???
  197. Ocotocontroller layout
  198. Help wiyh setup of FPP
  199. FPP, Ron's Matrix Hat, and GPIOs
  200. cat 5 set up
  201. FPP api for test mode?
  202. Playlist: how to get 2nd song to play?
  203. Please check my layout
  204. A big thank you to all
  205. Falcon
  206. Plugins
  207. Dimming in FPP
  208. What's easier to use
  209. What software is easier to use and have more sequences
  210. Voltage question
  211. Upside Down
  212. How to sync video (projector) on PI (falcon slave)
  213. Fm transmitter
  214. Fpp + usb to dmx + 36 ch board
  215. FPP Networking - Cant get outside my network
  216. FPP - Vast FM212 BBB & Pi
  217. Just converted to FPP from vixen 2.1.1 and win XP, it was relatively simple
  218. Pi Player Master + 2 BBB (BBB run very slow)
  219. can I knock down the brightness on everything?
  220. FPP/Pi3 WiFi and ESPixelStick
  221. master and slave pis
  222. Trouble getting FPP on Pi to talk to Renard SS8
  223. How easy is FPP
  224. Okay, do you *have* to choose Unicast and use your assigned IP addresses?
  225. Display Testig - FPP to ESPixelstick
  226. shutdown script
  227. FPP and IP conflicts
  228. FPP and Xlights
  229. Can i even use FPP player with SSD and regular not RGB christmas lights?
  230. How do add a third 8 channel solid state relay to the Pi?
  231. Channel numbers off in FPP with Falcon F16V3
  232. Getting Started
  233. Connecting direct to falcon player from computer without router
  234. Trying to play video from 2nd Pi Player
  235. Need Help configuring FPP
  236. Event Plugin
  237. Falcon Player Sequencing Issue from Vixen 3.4,not working
  238. Pi3 running FPP with Falcon F4V3 - tunnelling thru the F4V3 to the Pi3?
  239. Lost FPP Connection
  240. Pi Zero W
  241. FPP Relay activation help with FPP
  242. HELP - FPP not running sequence correctly
  243. What Do You Do?
  244. Adding 2nd controller
  245. Network Traffic - Test
  246. First Year: PiCap + FPP + Sound?
  247. Lost Connecion
  248. FPP scheduler issues ... again...
  249. FPP IP refused to connect
  250. GPIO Activation and Relays