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  1. Pixel plane
  2. How are pixels on a string addressed?
  3. Random Effect
  4. Trigger for individual sequences
  5. How many members of Diyc are ?
  6. Enttec DMX USB Pro Help
  7. Beat Track
  8. Copy and past an entire
  9. Preview not working...
  10. Segment question?
  11. Using Pixelnet with HLS
  12. High and low pass filters
  13. Idle Sequence
  14. Loop Sequence ?
  15. Ant tricks using HLS with ren48LSD where many of the floods, are RG-B (4 wires)
  16. Running into issues trting to do large deletes. What am i doing wrong?
  17. Anyone want to chat over some egg nog, so many questions :)) Save-As/Profile
  18. Unable to open sequence
  19. Okay Joe.. RGB Conversion for Rainbow floods, I've spent 3 hours on this now
  20. HLS File Descriptions
  21. Here is a tip , i learned this eve
  22. MP# or WAV converter
  23. Easily over looked and you will get errors .
  24. The new preview is exciting. Three new elements?
  25. Auto rgb...
  26. Question on Show Computer vs dev computer
  27. Howto overlay effects on each other
  28. Transfering files
  29. How to rebuild channels
  30. Auto convert RGB
  31. Creating library for future sequence?
  32. Pixelplane and elements
  33. Playing around with HLS 12J - Snow effect
  34. One more - Text effect
  35. Sorting channels in 'Manage Raw channels"
  36. Where did "Renumber Channels for Output" button go?
  37. How do you change the order number on a single channel?
  38. Face Animating
  39. PixelPlanes for single strands.
  40. Channel setup for the E681.
  41. Preview - I must be doing something wrong
  42. HLS Preview Screen
  43. Read Error during HLS Loading Operation
  44. Printing
  45. Import Events
  46. Thinking of Taking the jump to HLS
  47. Cutoms items in preview
  48. Future PP objects
  49. Need help with PixelPlane effects not displaying correctly when playing or in editor
  50. Triggering an event ?
  51. HLS and Midi input
  52. Preview question
  53. HLS and xLights
  54. Preveiw picture won't load
  55. How do you delete some cells
  56. Save As feature
  57. Can't preview Native HLS PixelPlane effect
  58. How to Add Chanels to OutPut Chanel Manager
  59. hls and unicast
  60. pixel tree plane single string
  61. Renumber All Channels For Output
  62. 2013 Previw enhancements.
  63. Importing Vixen 2.1 Sequences
  64. Custom Objects in Preview
  65. RGB button
  66. A couple of minor issues with HLS
  67. Version upgrade
  68. Nutcracker insertion
  69. Triggers
  70. Square matrix in preview
  71. Renumber Channels for Output
  72. Copy and paste ?
  73. New sequence using another sequence
  74. Preview videos
  75. Another terminology question
  76. Dimming Curves ?
  77. Channel Manager order
  78. Unable to shorten audio-cut tail off
  79. Converting ramps
  80. Non Rotating BMP or GIF in PixelPlane editor
  81. rebuild failed
  82. RGB Conversion help
  83. Gremlins or just
  84. Edit Display Group, Keeping Order
  85. transferring sequence and preview to different computer
  86. Dimming Curves Question
  87. Old sequence copies
  88. Preview question for Angus....
  89. easter eggs in mega tree preview mesh ?
  90. sequence without music doesn't give me a master channel
  91. Major Malfunction.....
  92. Library Maintenance
  93. Nutcracker effects.....timing
  94. Pixel Planes
  95. Pixels stay on at the end of scheduled show
  96. Cell size
  97. Preview Location
  98. Snow fall effect color
  99. White to yellow overlay
  100. Master channel question
  101. Deleting saved previews
  102. Importing a Vixen sequence question
  103. Triggers and illuminatation data
  104. Is it possible to ramp up, ramp down an HLS custom PixelPlane effect?
  105. Change the default locations for files
  106. Import timing marks
  107. Importing basic setting when starting a new sequence
  108. Horizontal and vertical flips on a segment group.
  109. Importing from LOR (or vixen) into a new sequence your already working on
  110. Sound level control
  111. Just hls demos for new users .
  112. Custom in preview
  113. How to Ramp up effect between to colors.
  114. How to ramp up/down Native HLS pixel plane effect?
  115. How to make 2 coor gradient effec for a chase.
  116. Schedule question
  117. How to create a twinkle effect?
  118. How to assign color to the top effect buttons?
  119. Drawing pixel circles
  120. Exporting Illumination Data - Face Animation
  121. HLS preview different? Doesn't appear to be working 17K (create new)
  122. Nevermind: Can you copy a beat_track non RGB channel into a RGB pixelplane?
  123. Okay, this must be a version thing
  124. Invert effect
  125. Segments within Segments
  126. Dual monitor operation
  127. hlsIdata files
  128. More preview questions
  129. Mp3 error when creating new sequence
  130. Change audio
  131. Master Lightning Channel is not applied
  132. How to turn down audio at the end of sequnce?
  133. Faster way to assign Groups/Channels in Custom
  134. Imported vixen files look long
  135. Importing additional channels into current sequence.
  136. Pixel plane effects don't work with layout from library
  137. Error after picking WAV file when starting sequence
  138. Nedd help with Play Lists
  139. Changing order in a display group
  140. Preview mouth movemenrts
  141. Preview windows comes up but no image or elements, preview editing is fine.
  142. Music won't stop playing.
  143. Copying a Chase, there has to be an easier way
  144. Library problem
  145. Audio question.
  146. How to send data from HLS to E682
  147. Issue when preparing channels for output
  148. nutcracker effect coming over wrong. 3 channels
  149. Should i be able to delete a beat track after importing to a beat track channel?
  150. Work on Background while being able to see the Forground.
  151. shortcut to modify effect?
  152. Effect to transition from one color to another
  153. Keeping the memory usage down
  154. I know it's been asked and answered but my search powers have failed. preview lost
  155. What kinda of a chase is this called?
  156. Adding effects without overwriting other effects
  157. Need a refresher....
  158. Chase inside a segment. I've seen it, I think it's in custom somewhere but
  159. How Does HLS look for the PCM file?
  160. Creating a chase with fill.
  161. Ignore!!!
  162. Can't get background to load.
  163. Your Preview ,bmp is to dark ?
  164. Is there any debug or output that would tell me why I can't lay down an external
  165. Quick simple question from a potential Hls user.
  166. Starting a new sequence from a saved image. (How to save the image)
  167. Any way to rechannel segments without losing data?
  168. One more question for this eve, dimming curves, level adjustments per sequence?
  169. Having a serious issue with channel numbering
  170. Power of HLS, Borrowing sequences, LOR
  171. Any hints on creating waves of color? Want things to wave
  172. First solid year
  173. Rainbow RG_B channels
  174. Watched videos have some questions
  175. Pixel Plane Effect doesn't show up in preview
  176. conversion question
  177. Add WAV or MP3 not in Audio File Menu
  178. Scrolling text on small 15 x 11 vertical matrix options
  179. Dimming curve - Does the "Draw Line" button really work?
  180. Adding to preview
  181. preview
  182. how to delete an element in preview
  183. Super Strings and RGB Channels
  184. Pixel MT....setting # degrees
  185. Another preview problem for me
  186. Pixelplanes and graphics?
  187. Reverse Logic request .
  188. Gif insert clarification
  189. eye animations
  190. Windows 8 and HLS
  191. External PP and PNG sequence
  192. Pixel Plane and png sequences
  193. Another Pixel Plane question
  194. Fill Channels and PPE
  195. Preview
  196. Pixel channel colors
  197. Pixel Plane problem
  198. Vertical Matrix text problem
  199. Moving blocks of effects
  200. Copying from 1 sequence to another
  201. Getting audio file into HLS
  202. Shimmer or Twinkle
  203. Out of Sequence
  204. Copy and Paste
  205. Preview question
  206. Timing and beats
  207. Animated GIF and Nutcracker
  208. Will HLS output 5.1 wav. Files to more then 2 channels?
  209. No audio in preview mode.
  210. Trigger question
  211. Are any of you using Cinema 4d ?
  212. Handshake between HLS and XL/NC
  213. Dimming curves
  214. Ability to decide what PP effect to include in preview
  215. Fades
  216. Dropping external PP onto RGB
  217. Marking times on create vocal sheets
  218. Animation effects---placing in sequence
  219. Another animation crash
  220. WAV import question
  221. Next Animation question...
  222. Horizontal matrix in HLS?
  223. Importing Animation Data
  224. Trying HLS and have a question on RGB color shifts
  225. HiDPI screen and channel names....
  226. What output method to use with and LOR controller
  227. Adding RGB color change
  228. Re Assigning Channels in a Pixel Plane
  229. Working on Multiple computers
  230. Assigning mouth positions
  231. Help with PP RGB effects
  232. Modify Effect Question
  233. Pixel Planes and Background question
  234. Audacity Timing Marks
  235. Copy element in preview
  236. Using MP3 vs WAV files
  237. LSP to HLS and my feelings so far
  238. Audio markers...something happened
  239. Refresh my memory
  240. Changing Animation lyrics...
  241. Whole House color Washes
  242. Group Actions with PP
  243. Paint E Guid not found
  244. Making Effects
  245. importating facial animation
  246. Network issues
  247. Teamviewer Class Request
  248. Mass change level intensity
  249. What do you run your show with
  250. HUGE THANKS to Joe