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  1. Version 6.Y Issue with Audio
  2. Delete Display Group
  3. Version 6Z Words
  4. Channel Layouts
  5. segment channel hang
  6. Control Triggers
  7. Bug: Checking a Segment
  8. At this point there is only 1 .
  9. add control trigger to workgroup
  10. trying to play a show through the scheduler bug or me??
  11. Version 7.F Music Stop key
  12. Sync Error Group Move - Guid No Match
  13. Working group disappears from work window
  14. HLS VideoPlayer - Unable to launch Video
  15. Unable to Open Sequence
  16. Missing Edit Sequence Paint
  17. Failed to rebuild effects
  18. HLS crashes during face animation configurations
  19. error chan 2big need help
  20. Error Message
  21. 7k Manage Raw Channels Cancel PopUp
  22. 7.L not showing Over Effects
  23. when testing output once it closes it doesnt work.
  24. Lost a Sequence
  25. Version 7.V Channel Manager display
  26. Copy and Paste in 7.X
  27. Display Preview
  28. Internal Server error with Plasma effect
  29. Selection Behavior
  30. 7Y Segment Perform Action on Group Chase
  31. Random Wont Lock
  32. Moving HLS from one computer to another
  33. deleting from a selection box in 8A
  34. Renard via comm port crashing.
  35. Preview not available for segments?
  36. mcast send error of 10035 - rest ignored
  37. Chase RGB Colours Horizontally
  38. Delay between Songs during show
  39. working with custom effects
  40. Strobes not fireing during sequence
  41. chase RGB color bug
  42. MP3/WAV Error message
  43. RGB Dimming curve error
  44. Cannot get Ramp Down Overlay to work over another effect
  45. HLS Freezes Constantlt starting tonight
  46. "The Parameter is incorrect" error when running show
  47. Enttec Open DMX Output Controller
  48. My show is crashing HLS
  49. Possible bug in adding "Select Channel and Assign to Group"
  50. Lights hault but music still goes on, what can I do?
  51. How do I upload HLS crash reports?
  52. Hls 10.a
  53. Playlist repeats in show even if Play Only Once is selected
  54. Scheduleder not stoping
  55. Problem with import of large pixel count ?
  56. Audio With new release
  57. Problem with 10 L
  58. I think I broke HLS.....
  59. Sub Folders ?
  60. Performance issues with HLS
  61. MP3 Conversion bug?
  62. 10s show schedule error
  63. HLS will not play the final playlist on my Schedule
  64. I need you to test
  65. ReWrite Ctree Error of 2
  66. Sequence Channel Colors
  67. HLS will not let me compile for output
  68. Lights freeze in the middle of a show but audio continues to play
  69. 11B Effect Deletion
  70. Lights turn off after song with no music
  71. HLS Animation
  72. Preview not clearing after a delete?
  73. Recent Sequences list bug
  74. Upgrading to 11S from 10M
  75. 11T bug?
  76. Upgraded to the newest version of HLS
  77. Mac OSX
  78. Problems with opening sequences after deleting a sequence
  79. Color Shift Tool in PixelPlane Editor
  80. Spiral Effect and "Spiral Spacing" field
  81. Horizontal Bar Effect
  82. renumber all channels and multiple universes in a folder doesn't work
  83. 12L Importing an LOR file and select 25 millisecond timing
  84. Is it a bug or my computer
  85. Unable to assign Number of Pixels in preview
  86. Vertical Matrix - Dialog reflects MegaTree when assigning channels
  87. Vertical Matrix - Unevenly drawn bars
  88. Animated GIF's
  89. Help - Cannot Renumber all channels for Output
  90. Audio
  91. Libraries - Delete function
  92. Another video display issue in PP Editor
  93. Light Segments
  94. Exception Trying to load MP3
  95. Pixel Plane - HLS 13A... Unable to Save Type
  96. Setting Channel Numbers
  97. Face animation mixup?
  98. Cannot rename control channels
  99. Slide bar requires restart
  100. Editing Segments of LIghts
  101. Face names in image...
  102. Mirror not working with segments
  103. HLS crashes, and sequence gone (or corrupt)?
  104. String Destructor Error within HLS
  105. Paint E Guid Not Found
  106. Error 104
  107. CSV File problem
  108. Cannot find the Add Audio in HLS v14
  109. preview not working
  110. meteor ligh not working propely
  111. Rebuild error HELP!
  112. Crash on Rebuildoutput for preview
  113. trigger
  114. Color Picker Text Entry does not work
  115. Renaming folder(s) does not work
  116. Error 200 Phrsing Libary file
  117. Importing layout causing doubling of display groups
  118. Make External Pixel Plane Effect from RGB Channels -> Save as dialog
  119. Set a single dimming curve...
  120. Preview
  121. Loading a version 2 HLS effects sequence
  122. Crashing and messing up my effects...
  123. HLS Video Player draws white border around screen
  124. Channel manager and Preview Group
  125. Fixed DMX channel not saved in layout
  126. Not graying out pixel segments when programmed in raw pixels
  127. Audio waveform, the grid and outputting to lights
  128. Frozen/Unfrozen channel names
  129. Playlist bug
  130. Possible bug when loading Preview bit map
  131. New Pixel Plane folder name does not retain after renaming
  132. Impossible to add chanels back to Pixel Plane folder
  133. Error 104 E131
  134. Minor issue when pulling chases
  135. Lost ability to rename Display Group
  136. Assigning type of pixel plane does not work
  137. HLS with multiple SanDevices controllers
  138. Lost ability to preview any pixel plane (native/external)
  139. Lost ability to preview any pixel plane (native/external) effect
  140. Is the background feature working corectly?
  141. cannot associate roofline pixel plane
  142. Fill chanell limitation up to 10K of pixels.
  143. Am I pushing HLS to it's limits?
  144. Unable to assing individual channels to a Display Groups
  145. I goofed up
  146. Manual Output Test Channels missing
  147. Import from CSV file and Update Raw Channels
  148. The Rename Fill Channel does not work.
  149. I have to reopne my project twice when HLS crashes
  150. Submaster chanel/efffect does not work properly.
  151. HLS crashes when creating a display group based on existing one.
  152. Copiing effect in submaster channel causes crash
  153. Color Picker broken in "Modify This Effect"
  154. preview Problems
  155. Vertical RGB Chase effect gets ignored on PixelPlane(s)
  156. Never-Ending Master Lighting Channels
  157. Error 3 opening DMX-USB
  158. HLS Crash
  159. View ForeGround & BackGround Merged...with Segment channels
  160. Preview Editing, Windows not updating when editing
  161. Preview Editing, Moving Element
  162. Time format in top ruler
  163. Group Selection after Copy/Paste
  164. Can't hide preview screen.
  165. Fill Empty Space with Effect
  166. Error Creating Direct3D device
  167. HLS told me to contact it's Master :)
  168. HLS crashess when trying to play audio with preview
  169. Applying Audio Envelope to Segment Channels
  170. RGB Arches Chase
  171. Preview exit, minimize and restore missing in 18C?
  172. Dead Preview...with long BEEEEP
  173. Horizontal scrolling does not work when playing with OutPut Active
  174. Error on Create Image Without Effect
  175. Renumber Selected Channels
  176. Possible bug in 18G
  177. Okay crashed twice when adding my north poles into preview
  178. HLS Show Player crashes after 1st song
  179. Minor bug in "Assign Lights to Preview Group /Channel"
  180. Non-background channels show up in both Forground and Background.
  181. Wondering why closing the preview is a few minute ordeal, why it's soo expensive
  182. Manage channels, raname channels
  183. Unable to view/create library files
  184. CTRL key movement :(
  185. Unabe to start a new sequence with a WAV file.
  186. Modify effect on selection does not work on pixel planes
  187. HLS crashes when creating segment with all pixels
  188. Frustrating error - Unable to Open Show Export File - when trying to play show
  189. Crashing when saving Preview
  190. Rotating Text >> a Nutcracker export or hls import issue ?
  191. Crash when marking end
  192. Vertical matrix and external PP effects
  193. Opening Com Port 3 failed with error 2
  194. Output Channel Manager does not retain proper Output Order upon saving.
  195. Small bug with vertical/horizontal flips
  196. When saving and closing preview it will not exit out of preview.
  197. HLS Bug has been Captured
  198. Clean DB button
  199. Mouth Matrix
  200. Crashing with Remove Delete Effects...
  201. Sometimes the Modify Effects window doesn't come up
  202. Fill Empty area bug
  203. PixelPlane Define
  204. Pixel Plane not displaying correctly
  205. PP Preview
  206. Matrix and automatic channel creation.
  207. Importing a NC effect into a vertical Matrix
  208. ViewMeter won't work for me.
  209. Add some depth
  210. Modify Color and Modify group bug
  211. Background effects bug
  212. Preview Bug/Crash v. 23A.
  213. False warning window about cahannels configuration
  214. Unable to edit Preview Items
  215. Custom Effects Bug
  216. Preview does not retain elements when opening
  217. Suspected Memory Bug with External Pixel Plane Effects
  218. Sort Order
  219. Not Good, can I fix this error?
  220. Library - Load Channel Layout & Fill Channels
  221. Chase RGB Colors Horizontally Having Weird Effect
  222. Display HLS toolbar
  223. HLS is being lazy
  224. HLS locks up on Sequence load.
  225. HLS closing unexpectedly
  226. Creating playlist problems
  227. HLS Crash, cant open sequence now.
  228. Buggy custom effect implementation (twinkle effect)
  229. HLS stops responding
  230. HLS Keeps Playing effects on my Matrix .
  231. Slow show not sure if a bug
  232. Preview Bug
  233. BUG: The "Modify This Effect" dialog refuses to appear
  234. Modify Effect Changes Length of Effect On "Change Type"-Only
  235. Problem creating sequence with no audio...
  236. Using a new Library on old sequences
  237. Final Delay is ignored
  238. E131 and Multiple DMX Group
  239. No Check next to "Delete key defaults to Fast Delete"
  240. Clear Button In Assign Channels To Pixel Plane
  241. Auto Fill with 10 Trigger Points
  242. bug in execution of custom effect
  243. Minor Bug: Multiple spelled wrong
  244. OutPut Channel Manager puts nonsense order numbers when ordering descending
  245. Error and crash
  246. Sync Error Finding Work Viewable Group by Name
  247. Ghosting on Background/Foreground Channels
  248. Sporadic Bug on Veritcal Mirror of Segment Channels
  249. HLS crashing when viewing background channels only
  250. Next Time You Talk to Joe - Pop-up