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  1. Thanks to Wayne & Brian this is finally happining.
  2. HLS Channel Effect Attributes
  3. Feature Request: MIDI Instrument Input
  4. Feature Request: Action UNDO
  5. Feature Request: Chase in Any direction (not just right)
  6. Feature Request: Allow video playback
  7. Audio Scrubbing
  8. is it possible to make this its needed by everyone.
  9. Play buttons
  10. Animated Faces output refresh
  11. Feature Request: Automatic Audio Sequencing and other features from LSP
  12. Blank Channels
  13. Rds
  14. start/pause show from input trigger
  15. Feature Request: HLS Effects Add-on infrastructure and API
  16. Fill the selection Box
  17. Break out Set Level into On and Level?
  18. Remote Control API
  19. Preview
  20. My 2013 feature wish list.
  21. 595 Support
  22. Feature Request: Improvements with the Sequencing "Table" Control
  23. Feature Request: Crowd-sourced feature request list
  24. random feature
  25. sequence repeat
  26. RGB colour fill
  27. Vertical resize?
  28. Moving channels to create chase change
  29. Toolbar Suggestion
  30. Preview reset to grid on stop
  31. RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) bug
  32. Vertical ramps?
  33. Feature Requests...
  34. Save as.....
  35. Nutcracker effect label in Pixel Plane request
  36. Marker on the Grid and Timeline
  37. Create custom effect from selection
  38. Feature request : Donation Button
  39. HLS files got much bigger
  40. Rainbow color fill/fade
  41. Version 9G
  42. How about an autosave, or selectable autosave?
  43. Matrix Control
  44. Beat Track Header
  45. Preview visable all the time
  46. Delete of channels assigned to Segments
  47. Map a key for move selection?
  48. Separate Pixel Plane from main DB ?
  49. Background Paste option
  50. Merry Christmas, Wondering about output test window
  51. Feature Request - Ability to set default directories
  52. HLS controlling X10 or Insteon
  53. Saving the profile/layout
  54. Updated Getting Started Guide
  55. Feature Request: Analog Frequency Spectrum
  56. Conductor Support
  57. One of the best featues possible today
  58. Acl strobes in preview ?
  59. Feature Request - Intelligent DMX Numbering
  60. Super Display Group
  61. Feature Request: Reset Effect Checkbox
  62. Feature Request: Undo
  63. Request: Default Channel Setup
  64. feature request
  65. My (many) Feature Requests with Effects
  66. Feature requests
  67. HLS Color Selection
  68. Abort exiting HLS on close.
  69. Mouse Wheel
  70. Vertical Matrix Object in Preview Toolbar with Force Assign option
  71. External Audio for HLS
  72. Some requests of enhancements
  73. Another requests of enhancements #2
  74. E1.31 Unicast
  75. My first formal request >The delete Key
  76. Pixel plane & preview
  77. undo button
  78. Native HLS Pp Effects
  79. Free-Form drawing tool
  80. Match Channel Brightness to Audio Track
  81. Cut and Paste across Display Groups
  82. Chase between 2 custom colors
  83. Order of universes in hlsIdata
  84. Load HLS WITHOUT checking for updates
  85. Face Animation - Copy Special channels
  86. Set color order
  87. Single subject based training videos
  88. Rename Segments
  89. Busy indication
  90. Request: stretch/shrink a group of effects
  91. Color order
  92. Change the directory where the sequencing and other folders are located
  93. Output level more than 100
  94. Batch color assignment?
  95. Sequence window tracking during when outputting to lights
  96. Thank you!!
  97. Color Picker
  98. Improvements to MOVE GROUP
  99. Delete the "Build Output Intensity Levels for Preview or Output" dialog box
  100. An HLS Clipboard
  101. Does anybody know how to use the new HLS Feature: Background capability (ver. 16W)?
  102. Updating HLS and crashing
  103. Backup , backup, backup
  104. Window positions save
  105. Preview ideas
  106. shift key in channel manager to use the shift key or even ctrl-a ?
  107. Color picker with shade option for Horizontal RGB Chase
  108. Audio Volume Control
  109. StepByStep Output mode
  110. Leave the effect arrea in the grid preselected after applying an effect.
  111. Quick Color Change
  112. Preview tool bar always comes up behind the preview window.
  113. Trangle/polygon tool
  114. Quick Color Change v2
  115. Split Effects
  116. Request: Channel activity indicator in main display window
  117. Custom effects
  118. Play from Mark
  119. 17R or 17S???
  120. 17s
  121. Add fade out option to "Shorten Audio - Cut tail off " to prevent an abrupt audio end
  122. Modify Effect working on a group selection
  123. Shimmer and Twinkle
  124. Swap Foreground/Background in selected area
  125. Output Channel Manager, Set Output Order
  126. order channels by output number
  127. Dynamic range compression
  128. Change the brightness of the preview display
  129. Feature Request: All Off at Playback end, HLS exit or Stop
  130. Channel Folders in layout
  131. Feature Request: Output setup in Layout
  132. Time/coordinate of current mouse position request
  133. Color picker addition.
  134. Maybe? When one selects start and stop points, it shows the time between them
  135. Set delay to 0 at the end of a song or sequence when making a playlist ?
  136. Color picker Segment/Pixel Patterns
  137. Split Effects on Right Side selection box
  138. Manage Channels, search?
  139. Ver. 18T Quarter page move at window boundry
  140. Mr. Hinkles Retreat .
  141. 18W? not sure when copy and paste in channel output config was enabled, but thank you
  142. Segment Channels setup stored in Sequence Layout/Library
  143. Request: Keep Row location when switching between Foreground/Background
  144. Request: Copy/Paste Outline in Background
  145. Scroll not working in 19D
  146. Vertical Matrix<> manually assigin Channels in the PP Editor
  147. Segment Chase Effect
  148. Allow HLS to utilize all assigned CPU cores
  149. Add Increment/Decrement option into Output Channle Manager
  150. To all HLS users.
  151. Mouth Animations
  152. Raspberry PI
  153. Library
  154. Add A "Save As" button to the preview editor
  155. 19U update...
  156. Help with output to controller
  157. Animation capture and reuse
  158. RGB color and focus
  159. Patterns
  160. Bitmaps for my Matrix
  161. Self Deselect when filling or clipping
  162. Quicker access to RGB Horizontal
  163. Eye animation
  164. Well I hope the answer is yes to this request !
  165. Different RGB color shift request
  166. Suggestion: easy switch work group
  167. Manage segment channels
  168. Preview File
  169. Entering Multiple Segments
  170. Converting 8 section incan arches to pixels--easier way to make segments or transfer?
  171. custom feature added RANDOM
  172. Prevent loosing protocol settings after deactivating universe
  173. Channel Manager Screen Extra features Ideas
  174. Add sorting ability into "Manual output test"
  175. Missing feature and Possible new one
  176. Fill Feature
  177. Channel Layout Preserves Folders
  178. Batch remove dimming curve
  179. Folders in every channel picklist
  180. Preview -- Don't show off channels
  181. Rgbw ?
  182. HLS needs a remote to change the Channels > No Projector required
  183. Assigning Pixels in a Matrix
  184. Feature request: convert to RGB with only two colors...
  185. Feature request: color for paste or insert from library a single channel onto RGB
  186. Useless Black Pixel Effects
  187. External Effects folders
  188. Default to Fast Delete
  189. Updating HLS Sequences from year to year
  190. Copy Paste option
  191. Universe order
  192. Auto Flip channel order or user capable channel ordering like HLS use to have .
  193. Custom/whole house matrix
  194. Hls generated display group .
  195. Patterns as "colors" for segment channels
  196. Anything new planned for 2015?
  197. New feature suggestions for 2015: Whole House Pixel Plane
  198. New feature suggestions for 2015: Adjustable pixel sizes in preview window
  199. Adding Elements to a PixelPlane
  200. Export request
  201. Advanced vertex tool a possibility ?
  202. Messaging Application - Email/SMS a message to your Matrix/Megatree
  203. Sequence Event Triggers Feature Idea
  204. Emulate multiple controllers with the Parallax propeller
  205. Tha addition of "z" and the capabilty for HLS to process imported 3d files for PP's
  206. RGB Chase with Custom Effects
  207. Ability to Add buttons
  208. Move phonetics to right
  209. Set backups
  210. Beat Track Suggestion
  211. 10msec Frequency modifier for Rgb effects
  212. Xlights import
  213. Feature Request: Ability to run playlist X number of times
  214. Feature Request: No gap between songs on a playlist
  215. Glediator Imports
  216. Feature Request: Modify This Effects
  217. Feature Request: Playlist Audio Adjustments
  218. PP Editor exit
  219. Copying Objects in Preview Edit
  220. Feature Request: Overlaid lights in preview being visible
  221. Feature Request: HLS API for Sequence Control
  222. Feature Request: "House Layout" instead of "Sequence Layout"