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  1. My New Sequencer
  2. HLS - Matrix capability for addressable pixel strings
  3. HLS Sequencer - Beta - Free to use
  4. HLS Sequencer question?
  5. HLS with Pixel Plane
  6. HLS Mega-Tree Tip
  7. HLS supports Nutcracker files
  8. HLS supports large Pixel Count Effects - Nutcracker example
  9. Give HLS it's own forum the same as Vixen
  10. HLS - Pixel Plane can now use HLS primitive effects
  11. HLS - Copy and Paste Light Channels
  12. HLS Suggestion - Scripting Information Page
  13. LOR S3 to HLS conversion
  14. Nutcracker: bug fix, scrolling text
  15. Your own forum
  16. HLS shortfall/bug
  17. Aurora sequences conversion
  18. HLS - New PixelPlane Capability - Expand-Edit-Compress Effects
  19. My Afternoon playing with HLS
  20. HLS - New Fill Capability for those using RGB (Dumb or Pixels)
  21. Desktop full HLS Icons
  22. Creating more sequences
  23. Auto sequence function?
  24. Using HLS with Grinch
  25. Make sure your WAV file is not Corrupted.
  26. Beat Track
  27. HLS - No Longer need to run with an Audio File
  28. Sugestion, staggered matrix rows.
  29. HLS - First Stab at USB-DMX Lynx
  30. HLS - Remote control of various computers running HLS
  31. Questions and Sugestions
  32. HLS - Remote Testing via your Phone
  33. mini mini
  34. Mega Tree and other intel rgb elements.
  35. MegaTree using Single Color LEDS or Incans
  36. Cannot setup output method
  37. The real beauty of Hls & Nutcracker
  38. The final how to video
  39. hls demo to create rgb , rbg bgr brg grb or gbr channels
  40. Hls Shared
  41. Size of bitmap for preview?
  42. Creating custom effects made ez .
  43. Questions
  44. RDS - How To
  45. Show Simulation
  46. Anyone with experience running HLS on Linux?
  47. Suggestion for a paint tool for the HLS visualizer
  48. HLS now supports 10 different Preview BitMapImage files for your use
  49. Color order and e681 tested.
  50. HLS supports PixelNet (4096) and DIYBlinky (8192) channel Dongles
  51. Preview
  52. Version 5x
  53. Sticky for Download Links
  54. Hls , e681 with Firmware Version: 2.025 and lpd 6803 pixel strips .
  55. HLS Display Preview (am I blind)
  56. IS there a page with all the training videos
  57. got a few bugs to report
  58. Is there a way to
  59. Vixen conversion-Preview and profile questions
  60. Once you make an effect can this be done
  61. Thanks for making hls is it possible to add these features.
  62. HLS & Linux using wine
  63. Keyboard & Other Usability Suggestions
  64. Two bugs in "Auto Convert To RGB"
  65. Unknown E1.31 Error
  66. HLS - Vertical Color Chase
  67. Play from mark
  68. Bug? Move Resize Group.
  69. Effects Rebuild failed
  70. Copy and Paste Effects
  71. HLS - If Pixel Plane effects like Nutcracker and Matrix were made available
  72. Updating channels in multiple sequences
  73. Adding channels not working?
  74. Logo
  75. Preview - paint
  76. color change
  77. Time Resolution
  78. HLS Dimming Curves
  79. How to Color Correct Pixels or RGB strings
  80. What happen... Rebuild failed?
  81. Does not appear to be a WAV file
  82. LipSync Capability - Testing the Water
  83. large pixel elements in preview , shortcut
  84. HLS - I have added Segments (Multiple Channels manipulated as one)
  85. Cross hairs / other usability ideas
  86. HLS - Video showing the use of Segments
  87. Hey joe add this feature it would save loads of time
  88. HLS now accepts MP3 files for Audio
  89. will hls work with ledtricks
  90. HLS Forum Clean up --- need your help
  91. How to draw and animate an RGB Pixel strip?
  92. HLS - Control Triggers - Execute a EXE from your Sequence
  93. Is there a video that explains pixel plane
  94. Channel preview limited to 25 line elements?
  95. Suggestion: "Display Group" column in Channel Editor
  96. Does marking a Channels as RGB make it actually take 3 channels?
  97. HLS - Singing Monster Faces made EASY
  98. HLS scheduling: a filler program and external triggers for programs?
  99. Should I jump right into HLS?
  100. HLS and Video - Need your input
  101. How many would be interested in purchasing an HLS remote control module?
  102. HLS - Manage your Saved HLS files and Recover if you made a BIG mistake
  103. HLS now supports NO Audio sequencing
  104. HLS filters
  105. HLS Video Player - Remote controlled for use with Projectors
  106. This has to be said
  107. What Type of Video needs to be used on a Projector?
  108. HLS Audio Extractor
  109. HLS - OverControl of effects ... ramp intensity - Do You USE it.
  110. HLS - LOR Conversion
  111. This is probably a dumb question.........
  112. HLS - added Effect Grouping editing
  113. Vixen to HLS conversion How To Video?
  114. Is there a way to just delete everything and start from scratch
  115. HLS - I'm going to remove the Segment restriction on Channels
  116. heres a video of me trying to add pixel plane error
  117. HLS - How to setup and Syncronize with a Remote Video Player/Projector
  118. Mouse remapping software you may find usefull
  119. convert to RGB Question
  120. Outputting sequence (I'm lost)
  121. HLS Beginner Question
  122. HLS now has Master and SubMaster Lighting Channels
  123. Lynx Etherdongle and HLS
  124. Chase over background
  125. Random effect
  126. HLS - Use a Sub-Master Lighting Channel for Shimmer
  127. 681 board channel to big
  128. Vixen to HLS: What is your workflow?
  129. Hls just showing off ez pixel sequencing
  130. copy and paste question
  131. HLS has a BUG - Help me Kill it
  132. MegaTree representation?
  133. Nutcracker projects to HLS
  134. Converting Vixen files that do not use 25 ms, 50ms, or 100ms intervals
  135. RGB Conversion
  136. Is it possible to cleanup the library?
  137. Did I mess up a sequence?
  138. RGB to GRB?
  139. Suggestions for how to filter songs?
  140. HLS icon
  141. corrupted audio in sequence
  142. Removing Beat Track Selections (beats)
  143. twinkle twinkle
  144. Hls and strobes
  145. custom effect removal
  146. OutPut Sequence not working but...
  147. How to sequence slow color transforms in HLS?
  148. Setting an output intensity range
  149. Mousewheel Zoom Shortcut
  150. E3.31 output
  151. modify effect
  152. Windows Server 2008 with HLS
  153. How do I think about MegaTree Pixel strings that are ZigZag via E681?
  154. add Pixel Plane or RGB Channels?
  155. Universe Channels VS. output channel in HLS
  156. Eddie Effect for HLS
  157. Assigning channels to Com ports
  158. Renard Output Issue
  159. Having trouble finding the library?
  160. Segments....
  161. Failed Acquiring Com port 3 pointer HELP!!!!!!!!
  162. Hi and Lo Pass Audio Filters
  163. Effects Question...
  164. Preview disabled in newest versions of HLS???
  165. e1.31 output status is red
  166. Adding songs to playlist
  167. Com Port Output Issues
  168. Export options in the future?
  169. Manually Testing Channels
  170. Delay between computer and lights
  171. Saving a RGB to a Pixelplane file then droping it onto a HLS Pixelplane not working.
  172. Display Work Groups after Loading Layout
  173. Dimming entire show
  174. HLS adds 60 seconds of time to each MP3 file I use.
  175. Random Colors Effect...
  176. Vixen Import
  177. Couple of Questions on HLS...
  178. What does this Pixel Plane Box mean?
  179. Control-B not working to expand segment...
  180. Saving a template file...
  181. Active Color Selection
  182. HLS Preview on desktop recorder
  183. Schedule ends but lights are still on
  184. Channel Numbering Question...
  185. Help!! Rebuild Failed on file and HLS crashes...
  186. Question 4 HLS Users using Custom Effects
  187. HLS Crashing whenever trying to load a segment...
  188. Playlist not repeating...
  189. HLS Show Schedule Question
  190. Auto 3 channel to RGB Conversion Issue
  191. HLS now Saves Segment and Animation channels to Library
  192. Is this a bug or intentional?
  193. Scheduler issue or am I doing something wrong?
  194. HLS - You can now PULL a Chase from any of the 4 Corners
  195. download latest missing
  196. Delay between songs in scheduler
  197. HLS Now Saves Effects in HLS File and Adds SaveAs capability
  198. HLS and RDS
  199. HLS can now Shorten your Audio and Sequence
  200. Pixel Plan questions (nutcracker)
  201. Changing the Audio for a sequence?
  202. I'm impressed!
  203. Dimming curve error
  204. Scheduler Issue
  205. HLS - Who would use a XOR, AND, OR capability
  206. Thank You Joe
  207. Are you kidding me?
  208. HLS - Repositioning Channels to agree with physical location
  209. Stretching an Overlay
  210. HLS-Previewer
  211. HLS pixel control....
  212. Progress, thanks for the assistance and patience.
  213. 9S archive seems broken
  214. Lagging issue
  215. CONTEST: Hack The Halls!
  216. Thanks Joe
  217. channel ouput
  218. Status -update running hls for the past 12 days
  219. Beat track minimum duration between?
  220. save as query
  221. This may help you who are using hls with com port issues ( this is not for dmx )
  222. Here is Hls having its way with 17 universes of pixels and rgb.
  223. cant find track for song in show
  224. HELP Shows wont play on schedule!
  225. Copy and paste pixel plane effects
  226. HLS - Now Provides 3 Sticky Channels and Extended CrossHair Cursor
  227. HLS - Please provide your Comments on Pixels
  228. For Angus40
  229. vixen conversion
  230. How to run sequence from Linux
  231. pixelplane, output, RGB clarification
  232. Once again it must be said
  233. HLS - Preview (Visualizer) 2013
  234. Best practice for channel numbering. Skipping channels
  235. First run of HLS with my MegaTree
  236. show scheduler problems
  237. First Time Tonight
  238. corruption of song file
  239. HLS - Version 11 - What's new and What's coming
  240. Sequence Output Freezing
  241. Interest in creating an online users manual for HLS
  242. 11B Incomplete LOR Import
  243. Pixel plane and Segments
  244. Need a lesson on Chase RGB Colors vertically.
  245. I know, wrong Forum, but......
  246. HLS Version 11E - Revised file format and FAST Delete
  247. Curious about HLS
  248. HLS - Segments
  249. slow appearance of work sheet
  250. Shortening Sequence...