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  1. HLS - Foreground and Background Sequencing
  2. hls testing - hls preview channel selection
  3. Quick change fron N.pole to Candycane
  4. pixel plane editor 180degree mega tree
  5. HLS Scheduler
  6. Hey Joe, a question about changing channels to RGB.
  7. Hls Goof up Emergency response !!!
  8. Is this correct? Renard boards
  9. Are Segments considered a part of the Layout?
  10. Dimming Curves or Master Lighting Control
  11. Audio Envelope processing, creating a beat track
  12. Some accomplishments today and used something that I am not sure was there
  13. Loop a sequence?
  14. HLS output question
  15. Example of Shimmer and twinkle
  16. Possible addition to the HLS Wiki
  17. Universe assignments for long pixel lengths
  18. Hls and artnet
  19. Multicast and Unicast in HLS
  20. external pixal plane effect
  21. 17y won't start
  22. Copy to show computer is giving me issues
  23. Dimming Pixels with Dimming Curves
  24. HLS - I removed the SINGLE Instance limitation
  25. HLS - Nutcracker to PNG Conversion
  26. HLS in action Short Clip .
  27. CSV import/update
  28. Shimmer effect
  29. Moving HLS to another computer. What files need to be copied?
  30. MP3 won't load
  31. Don't Think I'm Ready for Pixel Planes yet
  32. HLS - Make your WHOLE Display a PixelPlane and control it as a single channel
  33. Display Groups/Numbers and updating sqeuences
  34. how to create effect. outline house, single pixel 100% pixels behind drop down to 50%
  35. Hot keys, looking for "end of sequence" etc.
  36. "Play only once" checkbox in show scheduling doesn't seem to work
  37. WOrk Area Movements
  38. Keeping one channel on the screen.
  39. File cleanup and working on a song on another computer?
  40. HLS - Switch Between Display Groups with HotKeys AND Copy Paste!
  41. HLS - User Sets NIC and moves to another Computer
  42. Save display groups & segment channels and load to another sequence
  43. I want the lights to stay on at end of song or playlist.
  44. Preview window
  45. Prepare Channel for Output
  46. HLS - I've removed the Lock on the Scroll Bar while in the Selection Process
  47. Sequenced matrix with dynamic capabilities
  48. Would there be any interest in a team speak ip for hls users ?
  49. Unable to load Sequence - getting read error message
  50. Another Hls mile stone 3D effects on the matrix :)
  51. Channel Number in 18?
  52. Is there supposed to be two Master Lighting Channels?
  53. Problems with Show Schedule
  54. Spiral Tree (Custom Drawing)
  55. HLS - Summary Grid Hot Keys
  56. Command line or automatically start in show mode?
  57. Ren64 and ECG-DR4 Channels in HLS
  58. Dimming curve error when compiling data for show.
  59. How do I set this output up?
  60. Face animations - easier than I thought
  61. Simple Pixel Plane effect question.
  62. Paint E quid ?
  63. Mega tree is up .... Filally !
  64. Unable to control Renards with E6804
  65. Frosty The Snowman >>>> and little Karen too !
  66. how to insert small audio file between sequences
  67. What a difference a year makes .
  68. Re-assigned Mega Tree pixels and have a question
  69. Mcast Send Error Message
  70. Silence is Golden ! :) :) :)
  71. HLS Export to xLights/Vixen/LOR
  72. How to create a flat tree?
  73. Little Self-caused problem, help please
  74. HLS PPeditor effects are awesome .
  75. HLS PP Editon/Preview
  76. HLS - If you have recently sent Joe a PM -- Please send again
  77. First sequence started--rebuild error
  78. Making a circle in preview
  79. Add some character to effects in HLS PP Editor
  80. Help to prove or dis> prove
  81. Another HLS success !
  82. For all HLS enthusiasts
  83. Importing Vixen Files but nothing in channels
  84. Thankyou Joe.
  85. Preview Questions
  86. Hls output>preparing channels setting order etc .
  87. 3D and lighting effects
  88. Joe, Will there be a Horizontal Matrix in the future in HLS?
  89. Intensity Sweep
  90. HLS from Raspberry Pi
  91. I found the Sweet Spot in Ae for My house matrix effects creation .
  92. Preview Saving Issue
  93. HLS User Manual and Reference Guide
  94. Eureka For once something goes as planned! HLS/xLights/Raspberry Pi+FPP Works!!!
  95. Megatree, HLS and Nutcracker
  96. Animated mouth/preview success
  97. Saving a sequence
  98. PP Horizontal Bars
  99. Good news Videograher will film my show tonight .
  100. Trouble sending out to e6804
  101. E682's and Renards
  102. HLS missing files?
  103. Spotlight effect Either Nutcracker or your own via .Pngs
  104. Can you copy and paste whole pixel planes?
  105. I am running two small pixel planes and I keep getting this error
  106. Another Animation
  107. 25, 50 or 100 Msec.
  108. Thoughts/advice mega tree preview model
  109. Nutcracker text effect
  110. Creating a new image for next year display
  111. Nutcracker effects in HLS library?
  112. HLS Configuration with e682
  113. Need help with preview please!
  114. Load a channel layout
  115. HLS Monster Mash Preview
  116. Animation mouth
  117. HLS is Running with the Devil Animation
  118. Correct way to update sequences with new channels?
  119. HLS image to imported sequences?
  120. Horizontal matrix
  121. Schedule Shows
  122. Effect for the sea grass type Poles .
  123. Bug in HLS with Nutcracker effects
  124. New c4d effect for use in HLs
  125. I know you want to do this on your mega tree
  126. Vixen/LOR/LSP compared to HLS?
  127. Animation - Unable to assign mouth position channels
  128. Import Eye Channels
  129. Monster Mash/Running with the Devil Test on actual Matri
  130. Are any of you using .pngs in hls
  131. Animation using Papagayo --- or something Better
  132. How to delete a folder?
  133. HLS - Now has Vert/Horz Matrix in Preview
  134. HLS - Preview Only What the Active Editor Grid space -- should be quicker Preview
  135. Hls > for new users > why I like to use it
  136. HLS Preview opening up "under" the sequence editor
  137. How to cut & paste objects in HLS preview
  138. Adding channels to segment channels
  139. Frankenstein sample track
  140. Preview setup- Numbering of the pixles
  141. Tutorial Request
  142. Custom matrix shape/layout
  143. Number of Pixel Planes?
  144. Help with RGB, GRB, BRG .. and so on
  145. Hls advanced users > easter eggs using hlp pp editor
  146. Light status when pausing sequence
  147. xtreme spirals
  148. An HLS happy 4th of July !
  149. Hls acknowledgment !
  150. Matrix setup
  151. Less can be more
  152. RGB channels still organized by elements when importing LOR into HLS
  153. Basic Universe Question for imported files
  154. 17 sec. that would cost hours .
  155. Can I "swap" pixelplanes?
  156. The other bugs
  157. Preview Stuck
  158. Query--what is your preference--using HLS effects or dropping XL/NC effects into HLS?
  159. How to export nutcracker files to use on pixel plane channels
  160. Chase sine
  161. How to export HLS PP effects for WHY
  162. HLS UDP Remote Control
  163. Adding the Wave display into the Sticky Channels selection box
  164. Better wind Man in the moon first try
  165. Hls Pixel Plane trumps all others .
  166. After effects to hls how to >simple
  167. Problem starting a sequence in Vista
  168. Slowed down > full control
  169. Another custom effect for Hls
  170. Thought you would enjoy this Joe
  171. Fill effect
  172. Paint your effect and spin it
  173. Impossible spirals more pixel effect motivation
  174. Angus, where is your After Effects tutorial?
  175. Stereoscopic 3d an HLS first
  176. Ae tips and tuts
  177. Ae help requests etal .
  178. Elise intro
  179. A few firework effects
  180. Fun effects on mega tree
  181. Going with bold effects ?
  182. Keeping an EYE peeled for HLS updates !
  183. Aus home page 3d conversion
  184. Borrowed from the tube
  185. Thank you > hls preview
  186. Ae ez face
  187. more effects free
  188. Rolling down thr garland path .
  189. Fade your element etc from the core out .
  190. snow covered volcano
  191. Just Scrolling through
  192. Effects demo
  193. Hls motivator effect
  194. My version of doityourselfchristmas.com TREE
  195. Thermal Hiway
  196. My favorite effects so far
  197. HLS space saving carousel design > in progress
  198. Hls Carousel
  199. One effect 30 + hrs to create
  200. Animation Hiccups
  201. time lapse lave simulation
  202. Pouring on the color
  203. Hls in a new light perspective .
  204. Preview corrupted--can't link to any preview
  205. A little more light
  206. HLS and Raspberry Pi B+
  207. Scrolling .. while .. Scrolling
  208. Butterfly effects
  209. Shorten audio
  210. head scratcher
  211. Folders - Deletion
  212. Star dust > disney effect
  213. Some Text effect
  214. what is with HLS
  215. Unpackaging HLS
  216. Effect color and style matching on multiple elements
  217. active effects demo
  218. My first successful XL/NC Import into HLS
  219. He can sing too ?
  220. Importing a LOR file and adding the new RGB items
  221. Need Help Copying HLS Sequence Files
  222. HLS whole house Sweep > not a demo
  223. HLS PP editor effects not a preview !
  224. Tossing text and peeling a chase
  225. RGB to BGR
  226. Wow over 10k posts
  227. Getting pixels light using the e1.31 protocol in hls
  228. You have channel 1405 on cluster 3-2 of controller x > who cares ?
  229. A must due effect < directly related to the meaning of Christmas .
  230. Attempt at flaming hair
  231. Issue with matrix strings in Preview
  232. Multiple Mouths on a Matrix
  233. Star and pole test
  234. Should I model my megatree in xlights/nutcracker as 180 or 360 for import into HLS?
  235. Hls deafeats disabling Wireless to establish web config e68x
  236. New matrix effects testing
  237. Advice needed for placing RGBs on stairs, rails, & doorway
  238. matrix and preview question
  239. HLS tip # 696
  240. A couple more animations done
  241. Library Output to a former LOR sequence
  242. GBR Please!
  243. HLS - Example of how Segments will save you time
  244. Pixel plane rotate on beat track not working?
  245. Correct terms in HLS .
  246. HLS & HLS Video player
  247. Pumpkin face
  248. HLS -- NO Folder property added to PixelPlane
  249. Segments Automatically set for RGB?
  250. HLS ... Back in the spotlight