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  1. RGB Sequence Builder for Megatrees/Planes or any other arbitrary object
  2. Vixen to HLS Conversion
  3. Vixen to HLS Beta Available
  4. RGBSB, What should a new name be?
  5. RGBSB Target modeler
  6. ave HLS Sequencer How to
  7. Nutcracker: Effects builder released
  8. Nutcracker: Now shows current drawn in real time
  9. Nutcracker: Need help in understanding the Vixen xml file
  10. Nutcracker: LSP
  11. Nutcracker: New effect, garlands
  12. Nutcraker: New effect, scrolling text
  13. Nutcracker: new effect, meteors
  14. Nutcracker: Policy on sharing effect models
  15. Since Nutcracker has become real, I want pixels!
  16. Nutcracker: RGB Pixel profiler
  17. Nutcracker: LOR S2 file now ready for testing
  18. Nutcracker: new effect, butterfly wing
  19. Nutcracker: Tutorials
  20. Nutcracker: rewrote user gallery
  21. Nutcracker, new effect, butterfly part2
  22. Nutcracker, new effect, snowstorm
  23. Nutcracker, new effect: user_defined. Do you want to create your own animation code?
  24. Nutcracker: new release, Matrix target
  25. Nutcracker: musing sona new target model
  26. How to upload music to Vixen
  27. Nutcracker: new effect, animated gif's
  28. Nutcracker: new release, target generator
  29. Nutcracker: first light
  30. Nutcracker: enhancement, make_lor and make_vixen
  31. Nutcracker: Welcome to our new forum!
  32. Nutcracker: new menu item, Cleanup old target and effect models
  33. Nutcracker: Help in describing a LSP xml file
  34. Nutcracker: new effect, game of life
  35. LOR Files
  36. Nutcracker: enhancement, new form design
  37. Nutcracker: Make your own target files
  38. Im confused
  39. Nutcracker: bug fix for LOR lms and lcb files
  40. Nutcracker: What effects would you like to see?
  41. Getting errors during effect generation
  42. Nutcracker: Bug fix for LOR lms files, Pixel 1 missing
  43. Nutcracker: New file type for Vixen, vix
  44. the ultimate tree
  45. Effects not working with Vixen 2.1
  46. Working on spirals
  47. Nutcracker: bug fixes and an enhancement
  48. Nutcracker Gif to Pixel Tree
  49. Nutcracker and HLS
  50. Nutcracker: help with lsp
  51. Scrolling text for Vixen
  52. Nutcracker: Presentations from The Academy, Conroe, Texas
  53. Vixen Export issues
  54. Nutcracker: new release, gallery of images and copy
  55. Nutcracker: LOR lms file export fixed
  56. Nutcracker: new release for vixen export
  57. Nutcracker: cleanup of debug messages
  58. Nutcracker: Bug fixes for LOR export and Text effect
  59. Question on using Nutcracker to animate a single strand of pixels
  60. Ray Target Model Question
  61. Thank You For paving the way to custom rgb effects made ez .
  62. Nutcracker: New effect, layers
  63. Nutcracker: Enhancement to User Gallery
  64. Nutcracker: Yeah!! LSP works
  65. can nutcracker do this
  66. Nutcracker: website will be down for 4 hours.,
  67. Nutcracker: Enhacement, Fade in and Fade out
  68. Nutcracker: LSP 2.5 works with the UserPatterns.xml file
  69. Nutcracker: New effect, fire
  70. Nutcracker: New effect, color wash
  71. Nutcracker: Enhancement, effects library
  72. Planning for a parade...
  73. Nutcracker: Sneak Peak of Nutcracker 2.0
  74. Nutcracker: New Effect, Pictures
  75. Nutcracker: Online mini conference tonight 7pm. Nutcracker 2.0 Tutorial
  76. Nutcracker: New Effect, Horizontal bars
  77. Nutcracker: Recording of Nutcracker 2.0 tutorial
  78. Nutcracker: Bug fix, animated gif
  79. Nutcracker: Bug fix, enhancements for Spiral Class, Part #1
  80. Nutcracker: Bug fix, enhancements for Spiral Class, Part #2
  81. Nutcracker: bug fix, LSP timings
  82. Nutcracker: Enhancement discussion for Vixen
  83. Nutcracker: tutorial thurs, aug 23 7pm mst (Denver time)
  84. What should i work on next in Nutcracker?
  85. Are YOU planning to use Nutcracker in YOUR show this year - then read on...
  86. Error when trying to create an effect
  87. Nutcracker Local Install Error
  88. Nutcracker: Want to help develop Nutcracker?
  89. colored text with contrasting colored background
  90. Nutcracker: List of Christmas Songs
  91. New effect Request
  92. any update on single string pixels being added?
  93. Nutcracker: Enhancement Gallery
  94. Nutcracker: Tutorial Thursday, 7pm MST Sept 6th
  95. Nutcracker: Local Install of Nutcracker
  96. Nutcracker: Bug fixes and enhancments
  97. Projects suggestion
  98. Nutcracker: Testers wanted!
  99. Nutcracker: IMPORTANT
  100. Nutcracker: Weekly tutorial tonight.
  101. Matix (Grid)
  102. Nutcracker: Tutorial 7pm MST 27
  103. Nutcracker: New Effect, Single strand Chases
  104. Gallery not copying effects
  105. Pixel artifacts in single strand
  106. Mega Tree string Layout
  107. scrolling vertical Matrix
  108. Nutcracker: Bug fix, vertical matrix target fixed
  109. Effect name not displayedin LSP after downloading
  110. Nutcracker: Reminder Weekly Tutorial, Thurs Sept 27, 7pm MST
  111. Garland effects broken? Or just me?
  112. Local install gnuplot error
  113. Background color not honored on spiral?
  114. buttterfly or sprial will blink when repeating
  115. i forgot to ask in last class
  116. New Option - Reverse on tail
  117. Animated gif image size(s)
  118. Nutcracker Tutorial This week, Thurs Oct 4th. How to get it into your sequencer
  119. Snowflakes now working?
  120. NC projects test with HLS
  121. Nutcracker: Very Important! New release changes how you define window_degrees
  122. Nutcracker Gallery
  123. animated gif broken ?
  124. Nutcracker: Error
  125. Error generating Garland:
  126. Nutcracker: New Status Screen
  127. Nutcracker: Tutorial This week, Thurs Oct 11th. Current bug status
  128. Barber Pole?
  129. Nutcracker: Releases
  130. Minor feature requests - output file extensions...
  131. Nutcracker: Enhancement, single strand in gallery
  132. Nutcracker: Gallery updated, 4873 effects
  133. Projects Question
  134. Nutcracker: Fix for animated gifs
  135. Single Strand Error
  136. It should be said here to.
  137. Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight, Oct 18
  138. Using Nutcracker, need LOR S3 color codes!
  139. nutcracker effects how can i change this
  140. install of nutcracker error
  141. Nutcracker: Enhancement, Text
  142. Is there a way to delete my gif files
  143. Manage Projects error
  144. Nutcracker: New image library viewer
  145. Generating Project file
  146. Only 1/2 my channels
  147. Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight, Oct 25
  148. Nutcracker: Fix for pictures (gif,png,jpg) effect
  149. Roofline single strand Project for Halloween
  150. A different(?) spiral bug?
  151. Yeah! First Nutcracker Blinky
  152. Your Nutcracker effects Speed to pixel count
  153. Nutcracker: Vixen, Halloween and my wife
  154. Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight, Nov 1
  155. Nutcracker: Spiral fix and enhancement
  156. Nutcracker: No Tutorial tonight, rescheduled to Friday, Nov 9th
  157. Nutcracker: ftp site for tutorials
  158. No Gallery images with local install
  159. Nutcracker: Snowflakes, bug fix and enhancement
  160. Create effect for specified time without using a project?
  161. Nutcracker: How to export data and save your changes between local installs
  162. What clock position is considered pixel number one in nutcracker and which rotation
  163. Spiral effect error?
  164. Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight Thurs, Nov 15th. 7pm MST
  165. Nutcracker: Bars effect enhancments
  166. One Nutcracker forum?
  167. Single Strand color change issue
  168. Problem with picture resize
  169. broken effects
  170. Nutcracker: Export/Import released for local installs
  171. Nutcracker: Enhancement for Gallery, new filter search
  172. Nutcracker: Bug fix for spirals, sparkles
  173. Does nutcracker support LSP 2.5 yet?
  174. New profile, same errors
  175. Error on Local Instal when opening Manage Projects
  176. Error on Local Instal when opening Effects > Choose an Effects Class > gif
  177. Nutcracker: bug fix for single strand
  178. Why almost everytime i copy an effect it never shows up.
  179. How to draw mega tree with 3 folds
  180. Nutcracker: Please check your frame delay values
  181. If i make a jpg for a still of text whats the best way
  182. Post your nucracker videos !!
  183. Can text be made bigger
  184. Nutcracker: Poll, are you using Nutcracker?
  185. Nutcracker: New effect class, twinkle
  186. Nutcracker: Horizontal Matrix Target. Who needs it?
  187. Site keeps giving me errors, won't show effects
  188. Nutcracker is broken ?
  189. Vertical bars not rotating in Vixen
  190. Local Install of Nutcracker Error
  191. Tutorial Tonight, delayed 1 hour. Start at 8pm MST
  192. upload gifs in Nutcracker ?
  193. Nutcracker: Code release for LSP and projects
  194. Anyone have any luck with still text images
  195. Problem creating Vixen file from animated gif
  196. Nutcracker: Performing a purge. Please do local installs
  197. Project not generation phrase files
  198. Single Strand Pixels - Multi Color Effect
  199. Nutcracker: List of new songs marked up for use in Projects
  200. Issue with first pixel in LOR file creation
  201. Nutcracker; Updated gallery.
  202. Import not working...
  203. Nutcracker site issue with Spirals
  204. Animated gifs ?
  205. I am Irish so I guess Murphy needed to visit
  206. talking christmas tree animated gif
  207. Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight (Dec 6), 7pm
  208. Fade In adds time to the effect
  209. Vertical Bars export to hls
  210. Audacity phrase file
  211. Sean - Clean out your Inbox ;-)
  212. Text on Grid - possible to stretch ?
  213. trying to convert colors for an animated gif.
  214. Nutcracker: Enhancement gif effect
  215. Video of Talking Christmas Tree
  216. Nutcracker: How i built my megatree
  217. A certain Butterfly effect
  218. Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight, Dec 13
  219. Nutcracker: New effect, tree
  220. '500' errors trying to create pictures
  221. Nutcracker: possible move from meighan.net to nutcracker123.com/nutcracker
  222. Project "Christmas Canon Rock" wrong Phrases
  223. Nutcracker: A users videos showing nutcracker effects
  224. Duration beyond 10 sec
  225. 2013 Thinking and question
  226. Nutcracker: New, real time Nutcracker. Wow!
  227. Nutcracker: using xLights to make a Nutcracker text effect
  228. Nutcracker: We are now on nutcracker123.com
  229. The real Nutcrackers
  230. No Tutorial tonight, Dec 20th
  231. Nutcracker projects
  232. Nutcracker: How to copy a gif from another user
  233. Thanks Sean!
  234. Merry Christmas To You All ...
  235. What songs are you using for New Years?
  236. New Year Countdown Timer
  237. Nutcracker: New effect, countdown timer
  238. xLights Nutcracker effects with LOR export
  239. nutcracker layers in xLights
  240. My apologies to Sean , and Thank you
  241. Nutcracker: Tutorial for newbies
  242. preview question
  243. Nutcracker: New Effect, pinwheel
  244. Megatree design
  245. Trouble loading gallery
  246. No Tutorial tonight, jan 10th
  247. Nutcracker tutorial tonight, Thursday, Jan 17th. 7pm MST (Denver Time)
  248. General question.
  249. Nutcracker: Bug, gallery images gone
  250. New stuff from creator of SuperStar sequencer